WA Registration in WA (Perth) for De facto?

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14 December 2019
Really want to add my partner to my student visa. I'm starting in Febuary 2020 and she is coming on a WHV in April 2020 from the UK just to get herself to Australia and start building De facto status and of course to avoid doing a long distance relationship for too long.

I graduated from my Undergrad in the UK in July 2019. I hold a Hong Kong and Canadian passport. She holds a UK passport.

I think we will struggle to get the 1 year requirement. We have been together since May 2019 but not living together (I "lived" with her for 2 weeks in September before I left the UK).

I know you can waive the 1 year req if you register but apparently you can't do that in Perth or it's not for "immigration" purposes? I don't know if this still applies if just adding her to my student visa and not actually applying for a partner visa.

Any advice would be appreciated or referral to any good migration specialists that can help us with this.