WA How to Register De Facto Relationship in WA?

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3 November 2016
Hi there.

Just in the middle of the process of de facto visa. Still overseas at the moment. My agent asked me to registrer my relationship as soon as I'm be in Oz.

The thing is, we are landing in WA and planning to live in WA for a while. So far, what I could read but the posts were few years old was that WA doesn't do registration.

Any more informations about that?

How shall I do it?


Victoria S

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
If you are resident of WA you can register your defacto relationship, however it is not recognised for migration purposes. Relationship registration simply makes it possible to lodge with a shorter period of cohabitation than would otherwise be the case.

I would advise your agent of this, as it may require that you be living together for longer or take other steps to prove your de facto relationship status.


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31 October 2015
Make sure you bring over copies of any mail that you might have in both names. Anything that can establish that you have lived together can help you establish your de facto relationship. But as Victoria said, WA is one of the only states de facto registration doesn't count for visa purposes.

I have heard that NSW is a state that registration with an international party does count towards time a de facto visa.
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