485 visa

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  1. Binod

    NT Subsequent entrant, 485 visa, Student dependet

    Can subsequent entrant apply for 485 visa as a main applicant??
  2. A

    VIC Travel advice required on 485 visa

    Hie guys, I am currently on 485 visa and my visa is expiring on January 2020. For some reason, I have to go to India in November 2019, and will be back here in Australia by end of November 2019. My question is whether they can stop me in India while my visa is expiring real soon? I have heard...
  3. A

    VIC 485 Visa Processing Delay - What to Do?

    Hey everyone, My wife put 485 visa and she included me in that. We got married in Jan. 2018. Almost 60 working days have gone after our medical, and there is no update yet while the processing time is 47 days. We are worried now. Can anyone help us? Thank you.
  4. Jpits11

    NSW Which Occupation to Apply for on 485 Visa?

    Hi Guys, I applied to a Skills Assessment with ACS as 261211 - Multimedia Specialist for 485 visa, which was successfully approved. The ACS Website approves 261211 - Multimedia Specialist to be assessed for 485 Graduated visa. Even the information says that 485 applicants should applied for...
  5. K

    WA 189 application Over 485 Subsquent Entrant

    Scenario: I have applied 485 Subsequent entrant application for my Child the application was received by immigration (acknowledged on 7th sep) but further no actions were made. on 20th of SEP I got 189 Point based invitation for 189 which must be submitted before 20 NOV, 2017 I am planning to...
  6. L

    NSW Answering Outstanding Debt Question in 485 Visa Application?

    Hey guys, It would be great if you can help me with this. I had an over speeding ( 10 km/hr) ticket last year. It became overdue and was recovered eventually from my bank account (garnishee order) as " transfer out NSW state debt" of $X since I was unable to make payment in time. My question...
  7. H

    VIC Can I Apply for 485 Visa?

    Hello everyone, I am on a package offer of Advanced Diploma leading to Bachelor of engineering. The advanced diploma is by TAFE, electrical and is 2 years full time. Can I apply for TR (subclass 485 visa) as I have completed this Advanced diploma but not the bachelor degree. The nominated skill...
  8. A

    NSW Including My Partner to 485 Visa Application?

    Hi, I am German and I am going to apply for the Post Graduate 485 visa, and I would like to include my French partner who is in Australia. We have been together for 9 months and we've been living together for 2.5 months. We have a joint lease and bank account. What's the relationship duration...
  9. K

    VIC Is My Brother Eligible to Apply for a 485 Visa?

    Hi. My brother is working with an ABN as painter. Is he eligible to apply for a 485 visa?
  10. F

    NSW Travel on Student Visa after getting Bridging Visa A

    Dear all, I am a little confused. I have completed my Master degree so my course has been finished, I applied for temporary graduate visa (485) and hence I got the bridging visa A which is not effective as of now because my student visa is in effect until 24 sep 2015. I have planned to travel...