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Wa Wa Nee was a 1980s Australian funk band.

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  1. F

    WA - 485 de facto partner Subsequent Entrant

    My girlfriend is applying her Post Graduate Visa (485) in October 2020 , and I am planning to apply a subsequent Entrant on my partner visa before my 485 visa expires in October 2021. However, we've just been living together since July 2020 and won't meet the " one-year de facto relationship...
  2. estatesplus

    WA Wondering How To Create A Will Online In WA?

    Create Will Online WA is no easy peak to conquer. It is undeniably one of the most important documents in your life. You need to be meticulous while creating a will. Fret not; EstatesPlus is there at your every beck and call. Our team of legal attorneys can help you wade through the process...
  3. I

    WA Probate asset classification Lease for Life

    I am going throught he joys of trying to do probate myself an have pretty much everything sorted. However I cannot find any clarification if a Lease for Life loan provided to the owner would be classified as a movable or immovable asset given how it is tied to the property. Can anyone confirm...
  4. S

    WA Copyright Act 1895

    A simple question as I do not understand precisely the use of the phrases "as passed" and "in force". The WA copyright Act of 1895 is listed "as passed" on the WA Parliament website but not listed as "in force". Is this act still valid (ie applicable) in WA or has it been superseded by more...
  5. J

    WA No lease signed, No Disclosure Statement, No bond back ?

    in 2016, I found a commercial property that I wished to lease. This was my first time leasing a commercial property. I signed an OFFER and AGREEMENT TO LEASE provided by the Managing Agent. It included rent, outgoings (responsible for all), maintenance, Lease documentation, deposit, bond...
  6. J

    WA Registration in WA (Perth) for De facto?

    Really want to add my partner to my student visa. I'm starting in Febuary 2020 and she is coming on a WHV in April 2020 from the UK just to get herself to Australia and start building De facto status and of course to avoid doing a long distance relationship for too long. I graduated from my...
  7. M

    WA Witness Statement Error

    Good day to you. I would like to ask this on behalf of my friend who is being summoned by the prosecution as a witness to attend a hearing next month. As she was also the victim of the case, she recorded the statement when she was in trauma. As a result of that, there was quite a number of...
  8. embee

    WA Starting property case, self representing

    Hi everyone I've been separated from my wife for 16 months (she kicked me out of family home), and have tried to start negotiations a few times, to no avail. Most recently she replied with she wants effectively 95% of our assets. I then tried to get her to come to mediation but she called them...
  9. F

    WA Cutting Regular Hours

    Hi, I am a part time employee with no contract and been employed with this employer for 2 years. Employer recently trim my hours from 35 to 25 hours and advise that they could further axe more hours. The employer have posted notice in the staff room notifying all staffs that there could be a...
  10. M

    WA WA Surveillance Devices Act 1998

    Section 5 of the WA Surveillance Devices Act 1998, "Regulation of use, installation and maintenance of listening devices". Subsection 3(d) allows a principle party to a private conversation to authorize the use of a listening device without the consent of any other parties if it "is reasonably...