QLD Reasonable time for repairing?

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    12 June 2019
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    Hi all,

    I am in the middle of nightmare situation with faulty demo car and the dealership.

    Please read above question for the story.

    My question is ,

    1. What is a reasonable time for repairing Oil leakage ? And if they cannot fix the problem within certain period time, What should I do to get it refunded?

    2. Is Oil leakage rectified as minor or major problem ? If it’s major problem under the consumer law , do I still have to give them a chance to fix the car? Or am I entitled to request refund or replacement?

    3.The dealership lied to me about refund process during the meeting last night.

    4.They try to avoid to communicate through Email.

    5.They don’t even reply to my Email
    requesting of Service and answers I want to have in writing.

    Please get me out of this misery:(

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