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In US English, a lemon is a vehicle (often new) that turns out to have several manufacturing defects affecting its safety, value or utility. Any vehicle with such severe issues may be termed a lemon and, by extension, so may any product with flaws too great or severe to serve its purpose.

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  1. R

    QLD Truck Bought Interstate Privately & Broken

    I purchased a 2nd hand 2005 Isuzu truck from a private seller in NSW on Gumtree, sight-unseen, for $18,000. It is advertised as ''truck drives well and no issues'' and with registration until September 2021 (in NSW has yearly roadworthy at the time of registration) and assumed roadworthiness...
  2. Shahn

    Lemon Car

    I recently brought a car 31 days ago and it's just stopped working. It needs a new gear box and transmission. The mechanic has said this would have been there when the guy sold it to me. I asked if there was any problems he said no. Also the guy I was dealing with only told me about 30 minutes...
  3. H

    NSW Pre purchase private sale vehicle inspection report failed to report major faults

    Hi everyone I purchased a second hand vehicle from a private seller in NSW for $11,500. Prior to purchase I did the checks for finance owing, write off, etc. Which all came back clear. I also paid a mechanic in NSW to inspect the vehicle and provide a pre purchase inspection report for $200. I...
  4. A

    VIC Bought a lemon car off a private seller, second hand, has caused me significant damage. Wondering what my rights are?

    HI there, I bought a Ford Ranger 2007 second-hand from a private seller on 26 Feb, 2020 - i bought it through carsales.com.au. On the description the owner disclosed that 2 things needed fixing - the rear light and new tires. After purchase i took it to the mechanic and they fixed those things...
  5. Castle

    Lemon car, what can I do?

    I purchased a car in Nov, 2019. My sister's first car and learner car so we have not driven it much (under 3000kms), i got it serviced yesterday cause it was running sluggish and drinking fuel, and found a lot of issues with the car and my mechanic said it should of not been sold with these...
  6. A

    QLD Repairing Dealer demo Vehicle

    Hi all, I need your urgent help :( Bought a near-new demo vehicle(BMW)at one of the dealership in Brisbane in November last year (1000kms , now 81xx kms) . So far officially been serviced 4-5 times with minor issues (Defect on rear window seal,Revers camera vision,Bluetooth connection,Faded...
  7. A

    Advice on evidence I can provide against dealer's Lemon car in potential VCAT hearing

    Hiya, our ute broke down last year and we were in desperate need of a new one as my partner was starting a new job as a roofer- and a work car was a must. Given our urgency and the fact we didn't/don't have much savings as we've just moved back to Australia from England, plus the fact my...
  8. B

    QLD Brought a broken lemon car and need some advice

    I recently brought a second hand car from a car yard about 2 months ago and I have already taken it back twice for repairs on the fuel pump...the problem is the car wont start after refueling at gas pump and has a sudden loss of power then jolts forward like it wants too take off...I got it back...
  9. P

    NSW Private seller lied about vehicle

    Hi, A few days ago I travelled 3 hours to buy a car from a private seller. He assured me no mechanical problems, no leaks and that is had a pink slip and sent me extensive photos so I decided to go to see the car. When I got there it looked really clean inside and out, I couldn’t find any...
  10. D

    NSW Help we brought a lemon car!

    Hi, looking for advice, my husband and I purchased a second hand car through a small motor dealer just over a month ago now. The car is a Mazda cx 7 which had just under 190 000kms on it. When my husband picked up the car he noticed the engine light come on so called the dealer and they had...