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The Plain Dealer is the major daily newspaper of Cleveland, Ohio, United States. It has the largest circulation of any Ohio newspaper and was a top 20 newspaper for Sunday circulation in the United States as of March 2013.
As of December 2015, The Plain Dealer had more than 250,000 daily readers and 790,000 readers on Sunday. The Plain Dealer's media market, the Cleveland-Akron DMA (Designated Market Area), is one of the Top 20 markets in the United States. With a population of 3.8 million people, it is the fourth-largest market in the Midwest, and Ohio's largest media market.
In April 2013 The Plain Dealer announced it would reduce home delivery to four days a week, including Sunday. This went into effect on August 5, 2013. A daily version of The Plain Dealer is available electronically as well as in print at stores, newsracks and newsstands.

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  1. D

    NT My daughters ex is a drug dealer

    my daughter has found out that her partner is a drug dealer and has left the relationship.She has two children from this relationship who want to see their father. The father wants the children three nights a week. My daughter has now found out that her ex is still dealing drugs and doesnt want...
  2. M

    ACT Denied warranty claim by dealer - what are the Option's to legal

    May I know how do we go about lodging a case against a dealer to deny a claim under warranty for under body rust cover. I do want to understand what are the legal options I can choose without lawyer and how does lawyers works in this specific case in terms of charges. I do have a case logged...
  3. A

    QLD Dealer used car cooling off period

    Just wondering how the cooling off period in QLD works. If I buy (pay in full) a used car from a dealer, and upon taking possession of it, drive immediately to an independent mechanic for the sole purpose of an inspection, has my cooling off period ended? thanks!
  4. F

    VIC 2nd hand car problem

    I purchased a 2010 car from a dealer in Melbourne. It has over 150,000 km so a statutory warranty wasn’t supplied. Less than a month after purchase it suffered a catastrophic engine fault and is unable to be driven. I contacted the dealer and they said while they sympathise with me they won’t...
  5. S

    NSW Returning used car to dealer after breakdown in two weeks

    The car I bought from a Sydney NSW dealer was completely undrivable within two weeks of purchasing. After initially agreeing to fix the car, the dealer has now reneged and wants me to pay half after getting a mechanic's report stating that it was not a pre-existing fault. I think I'm entitled to...
  6. B

    VIC Car not as advertised from dealer

    I saw a vehicle advertised as a 4wd. Now i have reason to believe that it is a 2wd. Paid a deposit but not collected yet. What are my rights?
  7. R

    QLD Uncertain if I will require a Secondhand Dealer Licence

    Hello all I've started a hobby buying video games on places like GumTree and Facebook Marketplace to resell at a profit on places like eBay. I am looking at the possibility of scaling this up and registering it as a business. However I am wondering if this would mean having to get a second...
  8. D

    WA Car dealership wrote off car on test drive

    I have a friend who took her late model Mitsubishi suv to a dealership for a service. When she contacted them to collect it they requested more time and when she arrived at the end of the day she discovered her vehicle on a flat bed truck with the front end destroyed. The dealership had in the...
  9. Jarrod118

    VIC Falty Secondhand Car from dealer

    So my mother has been grinding her life away to purchase a car so she can take my father to travel around Australia, before his terminal illness worsens. And not even 2 days after the purchase she saw warning signals going off. She'd just taken the car in for a service today and found out that...
  10. C

    SA Bought a 2nd hand car from a licensed dealer privately but receipt is form 5 - car died

    Bought a 2nd hand car on Tuesday from a private seller selling under his licensed second hand business. The receipt is a form 5 second hand dealers act 1995 receipt. He crossed out the 2 day cooling of info on the receipt. Less than 24 hours after pick up the car stops working going around a...