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14 June 2020
I purchased (27/04/2020) a Mitsubishi pajero built 2000, odometer 445619, (12 moth warrant max $1000 for each major component of vehicle up to value of vehicle) from a south Australia car dealership. At the time of purchase I asked the dealer if the vehicle had any defect and was told no my mechanic has done a complete inspection and while it is old he found no problems. Took the car for a test drive and detected no problems. Have only used car to drive to work and back approx 50km a day. Recently the vehicle developed a total vehicle shake, took it to a 4x4 auto service center on the 05/06/2020 to find out the issue. inspection report--transmission mount broken needs replacing, front lower and upper inner control arm bushes need replacing, Rear- front and rear trailing arm bushes need replacing, steering rack boots broken needs replace, rear brake pads worn 90% need replacing, Front shock absorbers defective need replacing, right tappet cover gasket leaking oil- replace, right oil pressure switch defective- replace. Total repair cost $2.907.64 excluding brake pads, oil switch, transmission mount and tappet cover gasket. I estimate that from time of purchase to current the vehicle has been drive approx 1000 km. Took it to the dealership told the person there the issues and gave the vehicle report, asked for a refund as the vehicle did not meet my expectation and was not safe to drive, my request was declined; was told to bring it in and he would see what he could do.Took the vehicle to the dealer on 12/06/2020.
The issues found do not appear over night, were there at time of purchase. Asked the 4x4 auto service center if these issues could be hidden and was told there are ways to do it but they do not last long.
My question is does the dealership have a duty to repair or use my warranty to repair the vehicle. Can the dealership incur a cost to me. What is the dealerships obligation and my rights in this situation.
I have tried to supply all the information regarding this matter and hope to hear from you soon.
thank you in advance for response.
14 June 2020
found out the answers. basicaly dont buy a used car from a dealer as there is no way to effect a satisfy resolution if what u buy in good faith is defective. The dealer knows exactly what they can sell without obligation for after sale costs if the car is defective.


Well-Known Member
16 April 2015
20 year old 4WD from a dealership. No warranty, no duty to repair. Probably your only recourse is small claims court.
Your own independent inspection would have revealed much of this.

Hope it wasn't Peter James Motors.