NSW Police purposely lying to drag AVO matter including hearing turns into a mention.

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30 August 2020
I've been targeted for over a decade by police. I was married to a person that has a personality disorder.

Throughout the last 15 years I've been subjected to disgusting, outrageous and simply criminal behaviours purposely done to assist my ex wife who is a compulsive liar, child abuser and manipulator.

18 charges and still I've never been convicted of anything from intimidation to assault.

My ex wife uses my profession in a way to suggest I make my own texts audio recordings and paints me something I'm not.

Last week we were scheduled to do a hearing in a Sydney court. I came very well prepared and as I understood it it was a hearing.

To my shock horror the police has not come prepared, the officer in charge has not attended and my ex-wife is also not there.

The judge was there for a hearing and this was not an AVO day at that court either.

Now I am divorcing at the moment and my final hearing is expected to be in the next two months in the family court. This avo obviously will have significant weight.

The police has turned around and said that Lawlink showed that this was a mention not a hearing but the judge had a hearing in their file and I was there for a hearing also.

I pleaded with the judge and told the judge the effect this avo is having on my life where I cannot see my children and furthermore how it will affect my family law matter.

The prosecutor has then been given an hour to try and bring in the officer in charge and my ex-wife either via phone or in person but low and behold that was not going to happen anyway.

The prosecutor advises they cant get the police or my ex wife to be available and a 2 hour avo hearing is adjourned till May next year.

There was no error by an operator this was purposely done. I had all my stuff done and knew this was a hearing not a mention. The judge also confirmed her file said hearing.

I've been subjected to so many mistakes by police in the past from clerical errors to paperwork lost and now a law link employee made a mistake for whatever reason.

This avo comes after three and a half years of zero contact. It is based on a fabrication that's easily proved and that is easily understood by anyone except by the police and our court judge's

Furthermore the concern I have is that the court is 10 km away from my residence and the residence of my ex-wife. Why this is, is beyond me completely.

I have heard every excuse under the sun, I have seen judge's lie to my face and it's just not funny it's actually quite disgusting that our system is creating the next generation to be fatherless children.

I have been absolutely destroyed because of these AVOs.

Representing myself is just a game for judge's, where they purposely will create a problem and basically put your matter to the side till later in the day... the last matter of the day actually because they want to make sure that there's no witnesses left in the courtroom when they do their misconduct to screw someone's life that they basically do not even allow to tell their side of the story and act based on police that are liars and countless times in my matters they were caught and nothing ever happens to them.

How many people are getting done like this?

How can anyone possibly tell me that between now and May next year there is not one position for a 2-hour hearing for a AVO matter that will be dismissed before it even goes to hearing just to basically completely screw my life in my family law matter.

If lawlink made mistake on me and I didn't rock up 100% the order will be final.

Why is this matter 10km from our residence?

Someone. Please help me out here.
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