Physio Registration - Statutory Declaration?

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18 July 2014
Hey guys.

To register in New Zealand as a physiotherapist you need to prove you intend to work there through intended arrival date and a personally signed statement (statutory declaration) of your intention. I was wondering if the word "intention" is legally binding you to actually go there and work, and if you don't follow through what are the ramifications?

It's a bit specific but any advice is appreciated :)

Michael T

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
Hi John,
I'm not sure that your question is really an Australian legal one for the purposes of this forum. However, it would seem that it means that you would make every reasonable attempt to secure work as a physiotherapist in New Zealand. I can't imagine you'd go through the registration process and pay the associated fees if you didn't want to work as a physio in New Zealand. Why did you ask the question? Are you worried that you might not get work in New Zealand?