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  1. F

    SA Selling of business, not the business name

    Is it possible to sell a business but not the business name? the business has a physical location. thanks.
  2. William Luxe

    QLD Business structure ship and registrations

    I currently have an Australian Private Company limited by shares with an advertising & events agency operating under it. We’ve just launched another business (1 of 6 more planned) and I’m wondering if I should set-up each business as it’s own company? Or should I keep things simple and have them...
  3. J

    SA Who Owns the Rights to Instagram Photos?

    If a hairdresser takes a photo of their work in the salon they are employed by, and posts it on their personal Instagram, who owns the photo? The salon requested they watermark the photo with the business name so they did.
  4. D

    NSW Protecting a Trademark - Apply to Court for an Injunction?

    My son-in-law registered his trademark and trading name in 2015 at a cost of $12K. A business in a nearby regional town has opened with a name very similar to his business name and easily confusable - selling identical products. He sent the equivalent of a cease and desist letter from his...
  5. E

    VIC Business Name Trademark Infringing on Another IP?

    Hopefully, this is a simple question... I really don’t know. My brother has registered a business name, let’s say it’s “Blue Elephant TV*” and wants to Trademark it. There is an existing registered TM under “B Blue Elephant Live*” in the same class. Would using “Blue Elephant TV” be...
  6. N

    VIC Purchased a Used Second Hand Vehicle - Australian Consumer Law Help?

    Hello I entered in a purchase under my business name while residing in Victoria to a licensed NSW motor dealer for a 1977 Kombi transporter. The Kombi was purchased for $33,510 and would be used to drive to meet and greet clients and also for private use for kids sports and family holidays...
  7. G

    NSW Intellectual Property Law Rights Against Subcontractor?

    If I was a fisherman and I engaged a subcontractor under an agreement to work for me...This person has no experience at all. I take them in and teach them all the trade secretes to catching the fish and take them to market to sell direct to the public. I show them the right fishing holes where...
  8. T

    VIC Registering a Trademark in Multiple Fonts and Styles?

    Hi there, I run a very small business as a sole trader, registered under my own name, and I'm looking into trademark registration for use as a business name / brand. My question is regarding the fonts and styling protected under a single trademark registration, i.e. can a single trademark...
  9. A

    NSW Commercial Law on Selling Data to External Companies?

    Hello, I am starting a new online business. The business will provide a free online service where users will need register. The idea is to provide the users a single place to manage a particular type of investment, including uploading their documents. As this is a free service, I need to...
  10. A

    VIC Using the Same Trademark for a Different Type of Product?

    Hi there, I require opinions on the implications of registering a business name that is the same as an existing trademarked business name. I decided on the brand name BeFresh for a oral hygiene line (mouth wash etc.). I recently found the name BeFresh has been a trademark of a line of female...