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A neutralizing antibody (NAb) is an antibody that defends a cell from an antigen or infectious body by neutralizing any effect it has biologically. An example of a neutralizing antibody is diphtheria antitoxin, which can neutralize the biological effects of diphtheria toxin.

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  1. J

    QLD Recovering a Bank Transfer from a Scam - Recourse?

    I sent a bank transfer for $2500.00 for a private purchase through Gumtree, and then suspecting it might be a scam, I called my bank (3hrs later). I was told the payment had already been processed (Commbank to NAB), therefore I applied for a search and recover. I also called the receivers bank...
  2. K

    VIC NAB Sold Debt and Broke the Agreement - Can We Sue?

    Hi, My partner and I had 2 home loans and 2 credit cards with NAB. My partner lost his job, after our savings ran out. The home loans weren't paid, we signed an agreement with the bank that 1 home loan would be placed on hold and we had to put that house up for sale. The other home loan we had...
  3. J

    VIC Credit Card Identity Theft - What to Do Under Criminal Law?

    Hello everyone, I have a friend who got a phone call from NAB Security a few days before, asking if he has withdrawn any cash from an ATM from a credit card. He informed the person that he does not have any account with NAB. The person called him up the next day and informed him that somebody...
  4. W

    IP Australia Trademark Renewal Fees - Unfair Terms under Australian Consumer Law?

    I recently went to renew a trademark and unfortunately was 1 month and 3 weeks late. The late fees IP Australia charge are $100 per month or part thereof. Given the class action that was taken and won against the NAB for excessive fees would be interested in peoples' views on what IP Australia...