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The public trustee is an office established pursuant to national (and, where applicable, state or territory) statute, to act as a trustee, usually where a sum is required to be deposited as security by legislation, where courts remove another trustee, or for estates where either no executor is named by will or the testator elects to name the Public Trustee.

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  1. B

    QLD Public Trustee mishandling of estate after death.

    My wife is the sole beneficiary of an estate handled by the Public Trustee Qld. The death happened on 24 December 2020 and the Public Trustee has been painfully slow in their handling of the estate. There is only a compensation payment she received before her death, as apart from that she had...
  2. Ian Curtis

    NSW Can a Tribunal Order a Public Trustee to Stop Their Fraudulent Witholding of Documents from Centrelink?

    Public Trustee have refused to notify Centrelink that their client's house is being rented. I believe this is actually criminal fraud and stated as much in a Tribunal hearing. Before adjourning I asked that the Member order the Trustee to forward the information (including rental receipts and...
  3. Ian Curtis

    NSW Tribunal Summons Refusal - Unreasonable Protection of the Public Trustee?

    See attached. Seems to me to be implying that if TAG have not conducted their investigation into the lockout as promised they are allowed to stonewall rather than be made by NCAT to admit there was no investigation. Also the implication that if the $100k estimate of expenses is completely...
  4. A

    QLD Non-beneficiary contesting Will

    My grandmother passed away March this year and left her home and estate to myself, my brother and my cousin. My uncle (her Son) is contesting her wishes wanting half of the estate and her house. In the past he had to declare bankruptcy, he was abusive to his wife and daughter, he was a gambler...
  5. T.M.Milo

    WA Getting my life back

    I want to resume control of my own finances and cancel the Public Trustee arrangement. tHow do I cancel it?
  6. T.M.Milo

    WA Cancellation of Public Trustee

    If I’m a beneficiary in a public Trustee arrangement that I dispute and want to opt out of. How can I organise to cancel it.
  7. Ian Curtis

    NSW Does Financial Abuse Get Factored into Execution of Will?

    If my sibling sabotaged our inheritance, does that get taken into account when executing a will, which was made to be 50% each? I say "sabotaged" because the sibling is complicit with the public trustee's financial abuse. The background... Government Trustee took over financial management for...
  8. A

    QLD Removing the Public Trustee as Executor

    My father in law recently made a Will, using the public trustee's free service, however they listed themselves as the executor. He has now decided that he does not wish for the public trustee to act as executor, and would like my partner to take this role. A new Will has been drafted (without...
  9. M

    NSW Will - Do Solicitors Usually Keep a Copy?

    When preparing a will, do solicitors usually keep a copy in their files? Context: We understand that a will was drafted and signed for Mr X in the 1970s by F. W. Hall & Cedric Cullen of Harrogate House, 155 Castlereagh St, Sydney. In this will, we understand Mr X leaves his entire estate to...
  10. J

    NSW Can Executor of Will Appoint a Public Trustee?

    Hello everyone. I would like to know whether an executor of will /trustee can appoint a solicitor to become them. Like the Public Trustee.