identity theft

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  1. N

    NSW Help with Debt Collection and Car Repair Recovery?

    Hello, I am the at-fault driver when my car put a small hole in another car's bumper bar. Contact details were exchanged. I do not have insurance beyond CTP. After approx 7 months without being contacted by the other driver's insurance company to discuss quotes, I missed 2 unidentified phone...
  2. mkr

    VIC Fraudulent Transactions by Hotel with Visa Card - Options?

    Hi there, I recently checked my bank account and spotted a string of transactions 'pending' to a Hotel in PNG. I had not been in PNG for 18+ months, and the card used had been issued to me since that time. I still had the Card in my possession. In the week prior, there were near $2000 worth of...
  3. JasF

    NSW Recourse for Identity Theft?

    I had a call from the police this week regarding fraud that has been committed in my name. My identity has been stolen and used to obtain a credit card with a $30k limit. Police are investigating, and I think it may be my real estate agent. I recently moved so had to provide this new real...
  4. N

    WA Why is a vehicle still be in my name, years after repossession?

    Hi I received an Infringement Notice yesterday for something that happened in Victoria 4 months ago. I live in WA and have not been in Victoria for 13 years. I was given the fine amount of $155, the number plate and the offence in the Infringement Notice. It was for driving a vehicle in a...
  5. W

    NSW Suspected of Identity Theft by Police - What to Do?

    Hello, Just wondering - If you're caught in the act of a minor offence (vandalism/posters/pen), then questioned and detained because you provided your name/address but your ID was not ''suitable'', and then you're suspected of being someone else because of surname/stealing credit card or...
  6. M

    VIC Signed Up for Red Cross Course - Identity Theft?

    Hi, From about 2 months, I signed for a first aid course in Red Cross but it's not really a course. The manager said it's for refugees and we just need to sign our name and the government will give us 200$, so I did and I took 200$. Also there are a lot of people who did the same thing and he...
  7. I

    QLD Ex Using My Phone Number Without Consent - Identity Theft?

    My ex has been signing up to various company sites (credit cards, charities, insurance, telemarketers, etc, etc) and giving them my phone number without my consent. These companies in turn will call my mobile relentlessly to try and sign me up. For some reason, she registers for a callback...
  8. J

    VIC Credit Card Identity Theft - What to Do Under Criminal Law?

    Hello everyone, I have a friend who got a phone call from NAB Security a few days before, asking if he has withdrawn any cash from an ATM from a credit card. He informed the person that he does not have any account with NAB. The person called him up the next day and informed him that somebody...
  9. S

    WA Property Law and Lease Dispute with Real Estate Agency

    The real estate agency I had to use in order to lease a residential property had a court order issued to evict using an address which wasn't on the lease, and, in fact, does not exist. Unfortunately, a case of who do you believe for the magistrate. Bond disposal time and the real estate agency...
  10. S

    Someone Using My Name and Emailing As Me

    Recently I was informed that someone set up an email account using parts of my name and sent emails to staff in the Australian Government and signed the first few emails off in my name. Some of the other emails sent using the same email account have also been signed of as Anonymous. Do I have a...