Our Corrupt Legal System - by Evan Whitton

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4 May 2020
I'm reading this book, and it explains a lot about our legal system. "Our Corrupt Legal System" - by Evan Whitton
Our legal system unfortunately is not based on truth or justice. Most people mistakenly think that it's so.

I wonder if there has been any petitions to change our legal system to the truth seeking system?
Anyone out there interested in the truth seeking system?

Great book to read for any law students. (It's available online)


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9 November 2017
Great book thanks Jack! Haven't heard of much political will nor much public discussion in a judge/expert led system rather than our current adversarial approach.

I think automating the process a bit more, and decision assisted processes will hopefully improve things though - Automating Justice - Justice Trends 2: Automated Justice Get the Gist of the future for technology in justice