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In the context of human society, a family (from Latin: familia) is a group of people related either by consanguinity (by recognized birth) or affinity (by marriage or other relationship). The purpose of families is to maintain the well-being of its members and of society. Ideally, families would offer predictability, structure, and safety as members mature and participate in the community. In most societies, it is within families that children acquire socialization for life outside the family. Additionally, as the basic unit for meeting the basic needs of its members, it provides a sense of boundaries for performing tasks in a safe environment, ideally builds a person into a functional adult, transmits culture, and ensures continuity of humankind with precedents of knowledge.
Anthropologists generally classify most family organizations as matrifocal (a mother and her children); patrifocal (a father and his children); conjugal (a wife, her husband, and children, also called the nuclear family); avuncular (for example, a grandparent, a brother, his sister, and her children); or extended (parents and children co-reside with other members of one parent's family).
Members of the immediate family may include spouses, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters.Members of the extended family may include aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, and siblings-in-law. Sometimes these are also considered members of the immediate family, depending on an individual's specific relationship with them, and the legal definition of "immediate family" varies. Sexual relations with family members are regulated by rules concerning incest such as the incest taboo.
The field of genealogy aims to trace family lineages through history. The family is also an important economic unit studied in family economics. The word "families" can be used metaphorically to create more inclusive categories such as community, nationhood, global village, and humanism.

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  1. J

    VIC Family Law Specialists

    Hi - what's been the experience of people when they go looking for lawyers to sort out children and property. Is it best to use a family law specialist? Or is a general legal practice that does family law just as good? Currently in the process of looking.
  2. J

    Family reports

    Hi, What can be done if you strongly disagree about the contents of a family report? I was after some perspective as I didn’t realise the report could be so biased. The consultation process only took 4 hours from interviews to getting a report completed, filed with the court and the report...
  3. L

    QLD Family Trust

    I hope this is allowed, I desperately need help, please. I met my husband in 2009, I had 2 children, he had 1, we then had 4 together. He’s a builder, we built our home in 2013, married in 2015, he remortgaged in 2017 and loaned the money, $220,000, to his company on the condition it was...
  4. dragonfly_au

    VIC Removing a Family Member from a property

    I own half a property and the other half is owned by a deceased estate. The family member is living on the property. We have issued this person with a legal letter to vacate and has ignored the letter. We also issued a second letter to vacant and agreed to mediation and indicated will not...
  5. D

    VIC Children estranged from father & fathers family

    My 2 sons (23 yo and 20 yo) are estranged from their father and his family. I was wondering that in the case of their father passing away, and the boys not being mentioned in his will, is there any obligation by lawyers (or ?) to let the boys know? I am concerned that should something happen...
  6. A

    NSW Intake and Assessment Meeting

    Hi - my ex and I recently had the first directions hearing for our case and it is now listed for an 'Intake and Assessment Meeting' with a family consultant in about three months time. I have read the general stuff on the Family Court website, and found some information elsewhere, so have a...
  7. D

    Family Court Review

    There is currently a review being conducted on the Family Court, one of the main issue being reviewed are ICL’s and Family report writers, in which in my case the ICL was caught lying to a federal court judge and upon my application to the court was removed from my matter. Please, if you have...
  8. M

    VIC Is it a contempt of court that op did not send copy of her documents to me prior the family report?

    Prior to attending family report, each party must send a copy of all documents that provided to report writer to the other party. However my ex, who’s self representing like me, did not do that. Only after I received the report, and the report writer wrote that she has reviewed a Police...
  9. F

    Family report - false information provided

    I have received a family report for my family law matter where the mother has lied and consequently swayed the report writers recomendations. 8 days later I have submitted a report with attached evidence to the mothers lawyers and the report writer as evidence of the lies. The mothers lawyers...
  10. F

    VIC Family report

    I have recently received the draft copy of a family report. My question is how long do I have before I can respond to the report and should I notify the writer that I intend to offer a response? The report is mostly based on lies that have been told to the report writer hence my need to respond...