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A company, abbreviated as co., is a legal entity made up of an association of people, be they natural, legal, or a mixture of both, for carrying on a commercial or industrial enterprise. Company members share a common purpose, and unite to focus their various talents and organize their collectively available skills or resources to achieve specific, declared goals. Companies take various forms, such as:

voluntary associations, which may include nonprofit organizations
business entities with an aim of gaining a profit
financial entities and banksA company or association of persons can be created at law as a legal person so that the company in itself can accept limited liability for civil responsibility and taxation incurred as members perform (or fail to discharge) their duty within the publicly declared "birth certificate" or published policy.
Companies as legal persons may associate and register themselves collectively as other companies – often known as a corporate group. When a company closes, it may need a "death certificate" to avoid further legal obligations.

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  1. BigManCave

    Is this legal for a company setup multiple companies, one to pay their employees, one act as bank account

    My friend's works in a commission based company, however company keep all employee commissions in their company but release approx 30% to them every year. Due to COVID, everyone in his company is worrying about weather if they can get back all their commissions because the company has weird...
  2. L

    QLD payment for work, from a company you don't work for!

    Good afternoon I am after some advice regarding employment pay. I hope this is an acceptable place to ask this. I was supposed to start work with a company in Queensland but didn't and notified them just before the commencement date, as I had a better offer elsewhere. However, before the...
  3. mkbond2008

    VIC Supreme Court Writ for foreign company

    Hi all, Just wondering if it is possible to draft the statement of claim against a foreign company with Form 5A via the Supreme Court in Victoria. Thanks.
  4. S

    Does IP holding company exercise "financial control" over sibling licensee for the purposes of the Trade Marks Act if they have the same parent?

    Imagine a corporate structure where there is a ParentCo, which wholly owns two subsidiaries: the first subsidiary is IPHoldCo (which owns Trade Mark X) and the other subsidiary is TradeCo. IPHoldCo grants an exclusive licence to TradeCo (its sibling) allowing TradeCo to use TradeMark X. Does...
  5. Mega3000

    Company using website I built

    Hi there, I own a web design business and I built a site a few years ago. Since then another company manages it, but on their site under their web design page, they display this site like they built it. is this illegal?
  6. G

    NSW Work for one company, but forced to do unpaid work for another

    I work in a office support role for a top tier law firm in Sydney, one of my roles is to book couriers. The employment contract I have signed is with this Law company. My problem is & anyone else in the law company who books couriers is - the managing partner for our Sydney office uses our Law...
  7. openworld

    Voluntary Deregistration of a company-no outstanding liabilities

    Hi everyone, We would like to close our company by voluntary deregistration. Reviewing ASIC website, we need ensure "the company has no outstanding liabilities" We do have outstanding debts to supplier, but the supplier agreed in writing to waive the outstanding fee. Are we considered as no...
  8. S

    NSW Can a director, who is an employee of the company as well, forgo his salary for few months due to business losses incurred during pandemic period?

    Hi The director of an IT company who is an employee as well, wants to voluntarily forgo the salary (as an employee) for few months due to the business losses incurred (as there is no product sale made) during pandemic period. The business is incurring losses every month, he wants to keep paying...
  9. Aussieant

    Logistics company opened my package

    Hi all, thanks for your time. Brief snapshot of scenario: Person 1 enters a transport company in South Australia with a sealed box to be transported by road, to Western Australia. Person 1 pays for transport, transport company gives consignment note and takes package. Person 1 leaves. Transport...
  10. Scuffed Siem Reaper

    NSW Questionable business practices of virtual address company

    Hi, I apologise for the lengthy post, but I figure the more detail the better the potential response. Also I'm not sure if this topic belongs under this sub forum or not, but I'm wondering if someone with knowledge where as a consumer where I stand with this. I'm currently overseas. I recently...