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Susan Elizabeth Perkins (born 22 September 1969) is an English comedian, broadcaster, presenter, actress, and writer. Originally coming to prominence through her comedy partnership with Mel Giedroyc in Mel and Sue, she has since become best known as a radio broadcaster and television presenter, notably of The Great British Bake Off (2010–2016) and Insert Name Here (2016–present). She was ranked sixth in The Independent on Sunday's 2014 Rainbow List.

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  1. L

    QLD Can you sue the Family Law Court for gross negligence?

    Hi, newbie here so apologies in advance for any faux pas. So far, I haven't see this exact question raised/answered in this forum or anywhere else online... Can you sue the Family Law Courts for gross negligence in failing to protect a child? I am the (now-adult) child who underwent the custody...
  2. Vanya

    NSW What is the limitation period for action against the employer

    I am writing to seek your guidance and expertise on a matter related to my past employment. I have been retired for the last two decades, and during my working years, I was employed in an industry known for its high-stress levels. Unfortunately, my employer did not provide any built-in supports...
  3. N

    QLD My business partner is threatening to sue me if I inform the ATO of wrong doings in our business

    I am in a partnership governed by terms and conditions of the partnership. My business partner promised me that he would change the tax structure of the company once I become a shareholder and pay him the money. I did that but he has failed to take any steps to rectify the company tax position...
  4. KMac83

    QLD I want to claim child support, can my ex husband sue me?

    Can my ex-husband sue me? Background: We separated in 2017 and divorced in 2018. From 2017 - 2020 I spent hours and hours each week negotiating our parenting agreement and asset division via court orders. Whilst it wasn't formally documented (as a financial statement wasn't prepared), I had...
  5. T

    Can I sue someone privately?

    Hey I was just wondering if I could sue someone privately or not. I dont want any details of the case to become public knowledge. Can my lawyer contact their lawyer and sort it out privately, or does it have to be public? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. N

    QLD How can I get the bank to release the scammers details so that I could sue them?

    I lost $60,000 to online scammers. They transferred $60,000 from my account to theirs over a few transactions. I have their name and Pay ID, as well as their Bank Account details. I searched on google and found out (but I could be wrong) that I could apply to the Court to get an order for the...
  7. C

    VIC Car written off whilst parked outside our house. Can I sue?

    My car was parked outside my house when a driver whom blew over 0.05 smashed into it and wrote off both cars. The insurance won’t cover the cost of replacement as it was a rare car with an insurance limit. Do I have grounds to sue the driver and if so, how do I proceed?
  8. L

    NSW should I sue agent for negligence and mismanagement?

    I renovated my unit 5 years before, gave to agent a brand new unit. agent find tenant very quick, but did not send me any tenants information. I find that inspection report skipped damaging photos including benchtop, floor etc. cost over $4000 to fix up and plus 3 months no rental income...
  9. P

    VIC Thinking to sue a guy on Facebook for defamation

    Hi, my name is Peter and I own an Asian restaurant in Melbourne’s north west, recently i had an argument with a guy on a Facebook group regarding the vaccination topic and we strongly disagree with each other’s view! Few hours later that guy posted something nasty about me , he put up a false...
  10. N

    QLD i want to sue golden casket for breach of contract anyone out there that can help or advise me on this

    i want to sue golden casket for a clear breach of contract which probably cost me proving a major lotto win/is there any advise or anyone that can help me out there my statute ended end jan this year but they golden casket unfairly treated me really only a few months ago and i did file in court...