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  1. kingofmeereen

    Can you sue the deceased?

    For example, if a negligent driver caused personal injury to a victim whether it be physical or psychiatric harm, who would be open to a lawsuit? Would the victim sue the dead (is this even allowed)? Or would you sue the person who inherits the estate of the deceased negligent driver? Or would...
  2. C

    Credit Corp tries to sue

    Hi, I need to get a couple of things verified regarding a debt that I have with westpac which I no longer pay. Westpac has been sold the loan to Credit corp and they have been trying to contact me for a year now. And now I have a person this morning showing up at my house saying there is a...
  3. C

    VIC Can you sue for defamation after a FAKE Intervention Order case?

    Long story short: My mother beat up my sister. My sister didn't press charges. My mother took advantage of this and filed for Intervention Orders against the entire family on a fake story she made up with zero proof. At court I was lied to by VLA and was coerced into consenting to an IVO without...
  4. L

    QLD I want to sue a tattooist

    Hi there, So my family found a tattooist on social media and we agreed on my two brothers on getting there tattoo from him/them. It wasn’t a small tattoo it was a hug tattoo, so from the top stomach to the knees. That is how big the tattoo was for both of them, it’s called at tatau it’s a...
  5. J

    QLD Custody of Children - Sue Family Report Writer?

    Hi everyone, Going through a custody of children battle at the moment and in the process had to employ the services of a family report writer very early in the process. The job this guy did was complete garbage. I was grossly misquoted on a number of things for starters and the recommendations...
  6. B

    WA Can I sue someone for legal costs incurred through a bogus fairwork general protections suit. ?

    An employee really wanted to make an unfair dismissal case against us. We are a small business and she had been employed for less than 12 months so she was unable. Despite the UD claim lodged out of time Fairwork kindly suggested she look into general protections as the small business code didnt...
  7. H

    NSW Can I sue a church/cult?

    I grew up in an extreme church that has been displayed in the media as a cult, which I am now not apart of and do view as a cult. As a young adult I now suffer from psychiatric illnesses which I believe are a direct result of the upbringing and strict/unconventional teachings from this religion...
  8. R

    QLD Can I sue my cheating ex girlfriend?

    Hi, I went through a 12 month relationship with a single mother and typically became step dad the whole time, investing a lot of time and money into the two people. We lived separately. She had an affair for 3 months and I still wasn't aware when we broke up. We got back together after 2...
  9. M

    NSW My employer called me mentally disabled can i sue?

    My employer called me mentally disabled can i sue?
  10. D

    QLD Sue for Damage's and how to represent yourself?

    Hi all, I've clearly have been defamed by a family member that has a very real hatred for me. After weeks of police involvement, lies & innuendo & not getting her desired result the respondent said the following statement to me in front of 2 police officers. ***** said your a paedophile, this...