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Susan Elizabeth Perkins (born 22 September 1969) is an English comedian, broadcaster, presenter, actress, and writer. Originally coming to prominence through her comedy partnership with Mel Giedroyc in Mel and Sue, she has since become best known as a radio broadcaster and television presenter, notably of The Great British Bake Off (2010–2016) and Insert Name Here (2016–present). She was ranked sixth in The Independent on Sunday's 2014 Rainbow List.

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  1. J

    Can you sue someone for knowingly giving you herpes in WA?

    A girl knowingly had open cold sores on her face and kissed me, she chose to not disclose this information that she had herpes and took no course of action for preventing the transmission to me. I'm now faced with a lifelong incurable virus, that makes me highly infectious to others. I recently...
  2. Chris A1AA

    VIC Is that legal to post a group chat history in my case?

    Hi, Is that legal to post a blog online of a group chat conversation history? The group chat consists of 450+ people. Anyone in this group can invite any others to join the group without the group manager's permission, and most of the people in this group are strangers to each other. The group...
  3. T

    VIC Sue an Aged Care facility for compensation

    My Nan died in 2015 as a result of the standard of care provided at a Melbourne Aged Care facility. I lodged a complaint with the Aged Care Commissioner, but they've failed to follow through on their own recommendations (i.e. increased number of unannounced site visits). So, I want to know if...
  4. S

    QLD Can I sue for emotional distress

    Hi, Ok. I was once a shining star - blossomed from a hard-working setup of a business of 5 years with no complaints. Many clients knew me as a supportive hard working person. Friends were made, relationships in business and personal. So, I was then bullied online and by phone, intimidated...
  5. P

    QLD Can the NDIA/NDIS be sued?

    HI all, I'm after some advice... I'm a participant of the NDIA requiring a new prosthetic limb. The application for the new limb was lodged Aug 2019 with the NDIA and I am still trying to get a decision. What I've just leant is that an NDIA employee (in Nov 2019) needed more information from my...
  6. C

    QLD Can you sue a Family Report Writer

    Hi, I thought no, but in one thread it was stated that you could via a link. When I clicked on that link, nothing would show. So, if you can sue the writer, can you please direct me with what to do or go. If you can't sue, what other options are available as they surely can't get away with...
  7. odettewalker

    NSW Can you sue family for emotional damages/distress?

    BACKGROUND: My husband and I were living interstate with our son. I fell pregnant with our second child and our OB was in NSW (same OB as our son). We announced the news – (in-laws) asked us to come and move in with them as we have no family or support interstate apart from my son’s Daycare...
  8. B

    VIC I want to sue the dept for bullying and harassement

    I want to report the toxic work culture at the Department of Human Services where no one came to Save me and I have sought extensive assistance from seeing the Employee Assistance Programs offered by the Organisation however, it was a total waste of my time because of the constant bullying and...
  9. L

    VIC Can I sue for libel defamation in Victoria?

    Hello Brains Trust, So 3 years ago when I began dating my current partner his ex wife (who is an ex police officer) began basically her own investigation into me. She contacted my previous ex partner's parents, siblings, my ex partner, friends and young women who were at the same local Netball &...
  10. kingofmeereen

    Can you sue the deceased?

    For example, if a negligent driver caused personal injury to a victim whether it be physical or psychiatric harm, who would be open to a lawsuit? Would the victim sue the dead (is this even allowed)? Or would you sue the person who inherits the estate of the deceased negligent driver? Or would...