NSW NSW FaCS removed my 2 kids is this legally right?

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    24 September 2018
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    Hi, NSW FaCS formally DoCS came and removed my 2 children on Friday evening, they came with the police with a search warrant and a warrant of removal.
    Now the caseworker is a new one as I asked for another as the last one did nothing but lie to us and in front of the police as well and the police caught her out numerous times... Anyway the new one came last week never have I or the kids father met her before or spoken on the phone etc no contact at all, well she came last week with another woman? And asked for the kids father and he wasn't home and has no phone to be contacted on. Well when the dads cousin answered and looking out the window she didn't say who she was or where she is from she just demanded that she come in. She had asked who the person answering was and the person said the dads cousin she asked for her name and the cousin wouldn't give as she told her it was irrelevant anyway she asked who she was and the worker said she's from FaCS, nowadays there's a few different agencies in FaCS she didn't specify which one.. She had said that she would be calling the police and the cousin asked why? Is there something of concern and she said yes... Well the police apparently came to check on the kids but none was home. Well anyway she didn't leave a name or number or where she was from for the dad to call her back. Less than a week later the police came knocking and said to open the door or they would be kicking it down, they had a search warrant and a warrant of removal for the kids, the police stood at the front door talking about the process etc etc. Now I don't believe that this whole removal was legally right or am I wrong? I have has 2 removed many years ago when I was 16 and 19 years old I'm now 31 and have changed a lot in my life since then, Facs let me take these 2 home from hospital without any fuss. My son has autism and is 5 years old and my daughter they think may also have it too she will be 2 in February next year. They haven't been apart from either of us ever and I'm very concerned about my 5 year old son having a disability and never being apart from us in 5 years and has bad separation anxiety
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    Go to your local community legal centre for assistance.
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