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    VIC Suggestions for a lawyer experienced police misconduct & human rights sec20-25

    Can someone recommend a lawyer that will help me fill in a victim impact statement and to ensure no more abuse of process occurs and ensure I get a fair trial I was denied my right to call legal counsel and held for 24 hours without charge then my house searched not in line with police...
  2. K

    NSW Employment Law Queries as a Client of a Job Provider?

    Hi, I have a few questions, beginning with the present and proceeding to one from past employment in 1997. Firstly, if an individual is a client of a Job Provider and the Job Provider has on their books, an employer seeking "casual" employees in After School Child Care for a prominent and...
  3. M

    QLD Help with DHS and Public Interest Disclosure?

    Greetings, Sorry if this is off topic. I am seeking professional legal advice on my current Public Interest Disclosure against the Department of Human Services. Due to the nature, I am very concerned as to what can be disclosed and to whom. If I request a review through my local Member of...
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    SA Job description of my role

    Ive recently had a performane review in which i was told i was underperforming. I had discussion with human resources and they recommended i reread my Job description for the job (This is the JD I signed when taking the position). The JD has several compentencies required and they are all...
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    NSW Loss of Aged Pension Due to Human Services' Assets Test?

    I (husband) am receiving aged pension, but my wife is not old enough. The recent assets test by the Department of Human Servies included my wife's assets (sole owner property) against the husband's single pension, which has resulted in no single pension payable to the husband. I could...
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    VIC Exclusion Orders Due to Family and Domestic Violence?

    Just wondering if many family domestic violence orders with an exclusion condition are approved in Victoria? Department of Human Services recommended I apply for one due to constant non-physical violence but a bit afraid to in case it is knocked back. Thanks
  7. H

    VIC Visitation Rights - Should I Collect My Son with Victoria Police?

    Department of Human Services has said they are now closing the case there is nothing further they can do or assist with. It will now have to go to the courts. Whilst the investigation was going, the Department of Human Services put it across to the other party/the other parent to have...
  8. A

    VIC Department of Human Services Investigation - Will They Notify You?

    Hi, I am wondering, if the Department of Human Services is doing an investigation on you, do they notify you that this is happening?
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    NSW Child Support Dispute and Financial Hardship - What to Do?

    Just a question about child support. I am struggling really bad financially. I do and have been on top of my child support until now. It has been seven years and I have been going to family court to fight for access to my children and to spend more time and communicate with them more. I am not...
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    VIC Will Getting Custody of Children Affect the Outcome of Criminal Investigation?

    Hi. In 2014, a female got raped by her now ex partner as a result a child did get conceived. Once the child was born in December 2014, Department of Human Services got involved immediately because they had concerns about the father and a criminal investigation had just begun into the r**e. At...