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    NSW Parenting Plan on Top of Existing Family Court Orders?

    Hello, There are family court orders in place regarding care of one child with care 60% to the mother and 40% to the father. There are lots of other specific orders regarding schooling, medical, information sharing etc. It is my belief the orders are very clear. The orders have been in place...
  2. M

    WA Friend's Kids Removed by DOCS - Help?

    Sorry, not to sure if I am doing this right, but my mate has had her kids removed from her by docs. She is currently pregnant and wants to know if they will take this baby as well as soon as it is born. If so, is there anything she can do to help the situation?
  3. R

    NSW Advice on suing NSW FaCS (DoCS)

    Hi needing to get some info on how to go about suing NSW FaCS? I want to sue them for failing to protect a child that was under 16 years old back from 1999 til 2003. The mother kicked the girl out at the age of 12 and had no choice but to live on the streets and was sleeping in a public park...
  4. L

    QLD Department of Child Protection Services (DOCS)

    DOCS took my newborn away from me before discharging from hospital, based on allegations from a previous event that happened whilst i was pregnant, this was to do with my mental health. I have, sice this incident recieved professional medical help, been medicated and living with my supportive...
  5. J

    TAS 9-Year-Old Left Unsupervised for Hours - Breach of Family Court Orders?

    Hi All, I have 50/50 care and custody of children with the ex as part of our family court orders. After incidents with random teenage boys (friends of step siblings) tucking my daughter into bed, our court orders do include a clause stating she can't be left without adult supervision for...
  6. F

    NSW Half Sisters Welfare

    I'm looking on advice on how to get custody of my 14y/o half sister. In July 2017 my 19 y/o sister and I went to court to have our step father charged for multiple accounts on the sexual assualt we experienced when living with him and our mother as children. During this court case our mother...
  7. H

    QLD Family Court - When Can Child's Views be Taken into Consideration?

    Hi all, I'm hoping for a little help about my 8-year-old son. I was with my ex for 18 months, left when my son was 9 months due to ex being emotionally and psychologically abusive, and became physical with my oldest son (not his child, and I think he did it to see how far he could push me)...
  8. T

    NSW DOCS - Bringing Together Children Who are Living Separately?

    My 14-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter have been separated for 8 months now and they have recently been given contact but can't sleep in the same house. 8 months ago, my daughter told me that my son asked her to turn around while he would run himself on her bottom. He started doing this...
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    SA Wrongfully Accused of Domestic Violence - What to Do?

    Hello all, It's my first time posting my issue on this blog and please bear with me as my first language is not English and I need as much information as I can from you all through this blog, as it is very important for me and I would greatly appreciate all your knowledge & support. I have...
  10. M

    NSW Response to initiating application - handing over docs to legal aid

    Hi everyone I'm hoping someone can give us an urgent answer. It seems trivial but we take nothing for granted with the court process. My partner was officially served on Monday and the first court date was Tuesday (the next day). The reason I say officially is because the Applicant mother...