VIC Lawyer Not Answering Emails - Who Should I Report This To?

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David Ridge

14 December 2014
Our solicitor wrote to to the opposition saying we would pay damages to the defendant if he did the job badly, wrote to one of our potential witnesses and told them he acted for the opposition and sent them all our documents, refused to give a progress claim so we could decide if it was worth proceeding.

It took and half years to get an invoice out of him, he quoted around $20,000.00 for a one to two hour session at VCAT. He told lies about whom he had contacted for evidence. The case was about an $8,000.00 overcharge by a plumber who did a substandard job. His bill when we finally got it was for $6070.00. We did not use him to go to VCAT but got the result we wanted on our own, the plumber was obviously in the wrong. He carried out work he was not authorized to and refused to stop when told to in writing. He charged us for circular mail he got from another solicitor introducing themselves.

He took between 40 and 100 or more days to answer emails and then only when prompted. He charged us for people we had never heard of and probably belonged to another case he was running. The solicitors names are [Moderator redacted].

We just want to know if it is best to go to the LSC or is there a better avenue, we have no problem in you showing this letter to them.