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  1. Cecilia109

    VIC AVIS Car Rental Charging Ten Times More Than Original Price?

    Hi everyone, Got an issue with AVIS where they charged me about 10 time of the price for renting a car. We called their customer services for two weeks and emailed them several times, but they just keep transferring my calls to each other and do not answer my questions directly. I'm thinking of...
  2. P

    QLD Faulty Car from Hyundai - Full Refund?

    I bought a new Hyundai I30 Petrol Elite Hatchback and after 1500 km, the motor blew up. Vehicle was repaired by Hyundai Dealership which took 2 months as a new motor had to be imported from Korea. I was given a Avis hire car but found when checking the paperwork that there was a $2500 Excess so...