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  1. ruki031

    Ending a builder contract before the construction

    Hi Everyone, Can someone please help me to clarify the below question. I have signed a contract with a builder( HIA contract) in 2018. I have lost my job recently and I want to withdraw it. Can I get the deposit that I paid? I have paid a 15K deposit. Your help highly appreciated. Thanks in...
  2. R

    Unlawful detention of goods

    Hi, I have a situation whereby I terminated a building contract with a commercial builder due to major breaches which is another legal matter all together. But the situation at hand is after finally gaining access to the premises (because the builder changed the lock on premises) we found items...
  3. Aaronnnn

    QLD Builder unable to get approval for their plan(5%deposit paid)

    Hi all, I went in the contract 21-01/20 for building a house. My builder is unable to get building approval due to the side boundary setback (200mm on the drawing in the contract)(lodged early FEB) Council advise them either amend the plan or obtain the consent from neighbour without any...
  4. A

    QLD Property Rights - Does Ex Have a Claim?

    Hi, So a long messy saga follows... 9 years ago my husband passed away & I received his full life insurance & his govsuper as a fortnightly pension. I stupidly fell into a relationship 8 months after my husband's death & I now realise I was manipulated by this man during a time when I couldn't...
  5. W

    NSW Car Crashed into Bedroom Wall - Help?

    Hi. Not sure if this is the correct forum but help needed. A car crashed through the ground floor of my mother's house. It busted through the cinder block wall into my bedroom. I could see the bonnet of the car where my wall once stood. The car obviously is a write-off. The owner of the car...
  6. R

    VIC Builders registration

    Hi there, Im currently going through a dreadful time with a builder and trying to find a way to terminate the contract. Now the contract is in the name of the builder's company which is a registered domestic builder (unlimited). The director has a commercial building licence (limited) but...
  7. M

    VIC Termination of a Building Contract Invalid?

    Hi We have a dispute with my builder. We terminated his building contract because he breached his insurance. Firstly, we sent two notices saying to renew his building damage risk liability insurance. But he didn't reply to us. Thereafter we sent the termination notice. We have given plenty of...
  8. V

    WA Residential builder - setting up the company structure (family trust?)

    Hi, I'm looking to set up a Pty Ltd company for a friend to operate a residential building business. He will be the sole director. I intended to set up a family trust and have the trustee as the sole shareholder of the Pty Ltd. My friend, who is to be the director of the company, would also be...
  9. S

    NSW Fabricated Expert Witness Report for NCAT - Suggestions?

    Hi I engaged a Building Consultant to provide me Expert Witness Report and Scott Schedule for NCAT case against the builder. The cost to repair defects is almost 500K for a fairly new home where the Expert referred the most of the defects as structural defects. Any cracks, loose trims are...
  10. J

    VIC Builder install Camera in my property

    Hi Everyone Need help of legal advise. i have building contract with a builder to build an extension to my existing home. The entrance of the extension is through my existing home. its now at the completion stage and the builder has sealed off the entrance to the new side from my existing home...