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NSW Investment Property - Termination Order of Non-payment of Rent - Options?

Discussion in 'Debt and Bankruptcy Law Forum' started by DJSPOOKY, 4 October 2015.


    DJSPOOKY Member

    4 October 2015
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    Stupidly I have been self managing my property investment and 4 months with arrears amounting to $8,000 and various NCAT trips later, a termination order was issued that the tenant will have to leave in a few weeks, else the warrant for possession will be issued and sheriff will lock them out - That part is okay. However, default judgement was delivered, writ of levy of property was also issued. The Sheriff was unable to collect debt, and the tenant who is on centrelink payment and is unemployed, hid all assets including their motor vehicle, so the only way to recover $8,000 is maybe a garnishee order, but the tenant is unemployed and on centrelink. Any ideas, or garnisheeing rental assistance from Housing apart from BANKRUPTING THEM?
  2. Sophea

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    There's not that many other options but have a read of this ALRC website regarding debt recovery. You could consider an examination to find out whether he has any other assets anywhere that you could seize for payment of your debt. And if he has nothing then you can bankrupt him.
    7. Australian remedies: debt and insolvency | ALRC

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