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Real estate investing involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate for profit. Improvement of realty property as part of a real estate investment strategy is generally considered to be a sub-specialty of real estate investing called real estate development. Real estate is an asset form with limited liquidity relative to other investments, it is also capital intensive (although capital may be gained through mortgage leverage) and is highly cash flow dependent. If these factors are not well understood and managed by the investor, real estate becomes a risky investment.

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  1. AebMik

    NSW Landscaper dispute

    Hi, I'm hoping for some advice. My brother recently moved to their brand new house. Their neighbor hired a landscaper to build a retaining wall. In the process, said landscaper used a grinder to slice off part of the wall post. Spewing hot dust on my brothers glass windows and doors. My brother...
  2. jeesys

    ACT Body corporate sent invoices to wrong address for 6.5 years and now want 5K legal fees to be paid by me

    Background: I was living in a rented unit from 2008 Jan till -2010 June. And I moved out of this rental property to a different house in June 2010. I had given a deposit to a developer for the purchase of an investment townhouse in 2009 June as a house and land package. And the address given...
  3. I

    VIC Buying home after separation

    Hello, experts. A friend got separated and had about 50k in the property pool. The finance settlement is going on. Assuming that the divorce is granted in the due course, there can be two scenarios: 1. The finance matter is settled. 2. The finance matter is still going on. Considering the case...
  4. V

    VIC Buying home after separation

    Hello, Posting my first query to the experts here, please help. How long after separation can I buy a property? There was no property at the time of separation and both partners were on full-time jobs. The separation matter is going on (mediation stage) and the child-care agreement is being...
  5. S

    QLD Property Investment Trashed by Tenants - Ramifications of Revenge?

    Hello, My property investment has just been abandoned and totally trashed by tenants - the piles of rubbish and filth are huge, along with every item they have ever hoarded and didn’t want to move. Plus they owe me a small fortune in rent arrears. I do not have the physical or financial...
  6. U

    NSW Property Investment and Adverse Possession After Death of Owner?

    Hello, My grandmother passed away in September this year and my dad and I have lived in her house for 17 years since my mum passed away in 2001. My dad's sister took out a loan where my grandmother was guarantor and now due to her passing, we have to sell the house to pay the bank back. My...
  7. M

    VIC Removing Property Caveats - Go Through Supreme Court?

    Good evening all... I have a question regarding caveats that have been place upon two properties during my recent divorce. My ex-wife is based in the UK and the caveats were placed on my main home and an property investment in Victoria whilst we worked through our financial and property...
  8. D

    QLD Overseas property investor

    I am an Australian resident in Qld and MD and owner of a HK consultancy and investment group. Can that company buy property in Qld that I can live in. I appreciate there are a limitation on Australian companies, but would like to know the position for an overseas company.
  9. S Apples

    VIC Delayed Body Corp Bills

    We're in the middle of finalising a sale on an investment property we own. As our body corp has been notified of the sale, they have requested 6 years of body corp fees to be paid. We've never been invoiced and our property manager who has looked after the property for the entire 6 years has...
  10. T

    VIC Property Flipping Contracts

    Need to know the best structure/agreement regarding an investor and a renovator teaming up to buy and flip property. Currently working with an advisory firm for capital raising and the need to have this contract drawn up. Want to bring in investor(s) who will put up the funds to buy the...