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An entitlement is a provision made in accordance with a legal framework of a society. Typically, entitlements are based on concepts of principle ("rights") which are themselves based in concepts of social equality or enfranchisement.
In the 2000s, the meaning of the word has extended to encompass informal expectations of social relationships, social conventions and social norms which are considered unreasonable or unduly prescriptive upon others.

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  1. L

    QLD When is executor entitled to original will?

    My Mother died last month (my Father in February this year also). I am the executor, and sole beneficiary of the estate. The firm who drafted my mothers will have it in safekeeping. I contacted them, and asked for same, but they advised me they will not /are not required to release it...
  2. X

    QLD Is employer entitled to see all relevant evidence or allegations made by employee in a WHnS incident report form?

    During the senior management meeting, a worker brought up allegations against an employer. The WH&S representative stated that in addition to an investigation and resolution of the accusation, an incident report based on the claims needed to be completed. Nevertheless, despite numerous requests...
  3. Z

    The only person entitled to the estate lives outside Australia apply for a grant of administration

    If the deceased person (a foreigner) died without will overseas, but has a real property in NSW. If the spouse, also a foreigner, the only person entitled to the estate lives outside Australia, a grant of administration may be made to the attorney (under Power of Attorney) of that person. Can...
  4. E

    SA divorce property settlement, Court order Translation required.

    Court order was in place with this property. The investment property was sold with the option to buy under a lease to buy option in 2011, this was recognised on the court order and the court order had options if it did not proceed by the expiry date being 2013. Should have followed that up...
  5. O

    SA info. entitled to after summons?

    having just received a summons(amended ? )to appear that the cops thought it ok to attend my mums retirement village & leave with her ! ( another issue altogether ), if i do attend I want to have been given all relevent documentation I'm entitled to. Therefore if contacting Police Prosecution...
  6. Lee22

    NSW Am I entitled to Back Pay?

    I was in an acting role for 6 months, then promised that it will turn to a full time role once approval is received for the job to be advertised, which continually kept getting delayed. I ended doing that role for a further 4 months before i got the job full time. I have tried to get back pay...
  7. R

    NSW Am I entitled to my Commissions upon resigning?

    Hi I am a development manager. I get paid a salary and commission on quarterly basis.I want to resign but not sure if I will be entitled to my commissions due in the 1st and 2nd quarter next year as payments will not go through until then. Currently my employment contract is basic and says...
  8. M

    NSW Ex partner entitled to refund of mortgage payments in buyout/sale?

    A friend is currently looking to sell their house which they bought together with her ex partner (not married). About a year ago he walked out without warning, left the country and she had no contact with him for approximately 3 months. From that and subsequent conversations it was pretty clear...
  9. H

    QLD Equal share of estate

    There is myself and one other sibling.Our one living parent has recently died.The will has not yet been read. Are we each entitled to half of the estate. In the case of it being left unequally in favor of my sibling, am I able to challenge this as I am expecting this to happen.