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Funding is the act of providing resources to finance a need, program, or project. While this is usually in the form of money, it can also take the form of effort or time from an organization or company. Generally, this word is used when a firm uses its internal reserves to satisfy its necessity for cash, while the term financing is used when the firm acquires capital from external sources.Sources of funding include credit, venture capital, donations, grants, savings, subsidies, and taxes. Fundings such as donations, subsidies, and grants that have no direct requirement for return of investment are described as "soft funding" or "crowdfunding".
Funding that facilitates the exchange of equity ownership in a company for capital investment via an online funding portal as per the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (alternately, the "JOBS Act of 2012") (U.S.) is known as equity crowdfunding.
Funds can be allocated for either short-term or long-term purposes.

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  1. Relical86

    Real estate agency misusing rental funds.

    Hi. I have multiple commercial tenancy agreement with one particular agency and have been made aware of severe issues in our accounts. Four months ago we were approached by our agent claiming we were in arrears. Though I was positive I had been in advance. Regardless I paid a further $15,000 in...
  2. Dpj

    VIC Blackmail in vic

    Hi. My ex took $200k from my account. Asked for various things to return funds including paying money to her mum. All this is on text. I would like to fund a Police Station with a clue or a DPP who wants a blackmail case under his belt. My local cop station is near hopeless (when I reported this...
  3. E

    SA divorce property settlement, Court order Translation required.

    Court order was in place with this property. The investment property was sold with the option to buy under a lease to buy option in 2011, this was recognised on the court order and the court order had options if it did not proceed by the expiry date being 2013. Should have followed that up...
  4. C

    VIC Unclaimed Funds

    Can I have myself declared to be the ‘Next of Kin’ in Australia in order to claim money left in an old account for a deceased relative?
  5. P

    QLD Multiple Super funds for insurance

    I was wondering whether are any limits on payouts if you are paying multiple insurances on different super accounts. Ex-wife has multiple super accounts and claims that her diagnosis precludes her from consolidating her accounts.
  6. F

    QLD Public Trust of Queensland

    Can The Public Trustee of Queensland enquire as to how funds were spent from a persons account (person was being cared for at that time) prior to the Public Trustee taking over the persons financial matters.