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Sold! is an American reality television series on History that premiered on April 11, 2012. The series chronicles the activities of Rick Bryant, owner of Bryant Auction, and his team located in Missouri. Each episode details the process of auctioning, showing the appraisal, acquisition and eventual auctioning of the items.

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  1. magnas

    NSW Item sold on gumtree

    I sold the vehicle privately. It was inspected with mechanic as well. It was good when it checked I sold due to financial reasons. Now problem came in car now they’re saying there’s a problem drove 4-5 times and problem came. What should I do? Can they return the car? I’m in tension now. Engine...
  2. B

    QLD Ownership of Goods sold at Police Auction

    Hi, I recently purchased an item at a police auction in QLD, following receiving the goods I was looking to sell these goods as I had purchased them at a substantial discount. Long story short, the original owner has seen the advertisement and reported it to the police who subsequently served a...
  3. A

    VIC Sold car privately, buyer trying to get money for repairs

    I recently sold a car privately. Buyer sent a letter from a lawyer saying that I mislead him by not disclosing issues the car has when asked. That I removed receipts and service history from car for mobile inspection in order to hide knowledge of issue. He says car needs new transmission and...
  4. M

    VIC Sold a horse float privately 4 weeks ago, now they want a refund?

    I sold a horse float a month ago (they paid cash) now she has texted me saying that she has had it checked over and it has significant rust and is unsafe. She said she wants to arrange to bring it back because it is unfit for the purpose it was sold for. My question is, what is my legal...
  5. D

    VIC Car Stolen and sold by ex

    I had my car, motorcycle and motorhome at My ex girlfriends house and herself and her new boyfriend sold my car and motorcycle to a drug dealer up the road. The motor home was left abandoned in another place, they also broke into my storage locker at storage king and stole tools and...
  6. M

    NSW Signing for more - sold to developer for much less

    Hi LawAnswers. In November 2018 my late parents property sold for much less than I had signed for. I was one of two Executors. Family member the other. Contract signed without my being informed by the other Executor. Real Estate Agent didn't do anything to stop this. Pressure on me to sign...
  7. A

    NSW Sold Car and now it’s broke down

    I sold my car last week, they come and test drove the car. I’ve never had issues with the car and actually paid for a mechanic to come and test the car prior to buying in September. I showed them the report before buying. Issues started happening with the car within a short period of time, I...
  8. J

    NSW Sold car privately & have an unhappy buyer

    4 days ago I sold my car to someone who flew down to buy the car without seeing it. After a brief inspection they paid me for the car & we filled out the notice of disposal. Once the buyer got home they noticed that I had listed the car as a 2015 model when it’s a 2014 MY15. This was an honest...
  9. S

    QLD Can business C that acts as a distributor for business A, withhold B's goods delivered to C by A but sold by A to B when B owes distributor C?

    Can business C that acts as a distributor for business A, withhold B's goods delivered to C by A but sold by A to B when B owes distributor C? We are a wholesale manufacturer, Business A, who is in the process of setting up regional local distributors. We have our own truck and delivery...
  10. J

    NSW Can a buyer return privately sold car?

    Just sold our cars 3 days ago and now the buyer is asking us to either help pay for the repairs or to accept the return. When the buyer came to inspect it in the evening, he did a brief check, test drove it and said he told us he would come back to buy it. He came back the next morning and...