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Sold! is an American reality television series on History that premiered on April 11, 2012. The series chronicles the activities of Rick Bryant, owner of Bryant Auction, and his team located in Missouri. Each episode details the process of auctioning, showing the appraisal, acquisition and eventual auctioning of the items.

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  1. Heth

    Property sold and settled correctly

    What happens when a Property has been sold and the settlement hasn't taken care of outstanding bills? Two of these bills for which half payment is owed, are to the town planner and the builder who worked to legitimise the illegal balustrade and sign off some building works. The sale was a...
  2. D

    Have sold and have a change of mind

    Past 5 day cooling sold my house in Burrum Heads now having second thoughts have had stress for last 2 yrs and been working in Melb now quarantine in Brisbane, I know there could be major costs and not worth it . But is there anything I can do to resins contract?? Haven’t signed the release of...
  3. P

    QLD Ex wife sold co-owned car

    Struggling to arrive at a settlement with ex-wife and now she has told me that she has sold our co-owned car so she can get another car for our son. It was a private sale with a friend at her work but she bought the car with a loan and is now demanding payment as the car is for our son. It has...
  4. M

    Someone sold a car I own

    My parents sold my car without my permission/paperwork. The buyer now has the car and the money they said they would send my parents has not been provided. The car was not registered however.