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"She Said She Said" is a song by the English rock band the Beatles from their 1966 album Revolver. Credited to Lennon–McCartney, it was written by John Lennon with assistance from George Harrison. Lennon described it as "an 'acidy' song" with lyrics inspired by actor Peter Fonda's comments during an LSD trip in August 1965 with members of the Beatles and the Byrds. "She Said She Said" was the last track recorded for Revolver. Due to an argument over the song's musical arrangement, Paul McCartney walked out of the studio and did not contribute to the recording.

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  1. E

    SA divorce property settlement, Court order Translation required.

    Court order was in place with this property. The investment property was sold with the option to buy under a lease to buy option in 2011, this was recognised on the court order and the court order had options if it did not proceed by the expiry date being 2013. Should have followed that up...
  2. F

    WA how did she do this

    my ex filed for a restraining order the same day as i did the same against her, i was successfull in getting my children attached to my order as protected persons, i thought i was in the best position to get a fair custody agreement but only days later she somehow manages to go to family court...
  3. D

    VIC changing conditions on an ivo

    my partner has an ivo against me but did not want me to stop seeing her or contacting her, she is not well as she is battling a terminal illness and can not go to court to change this is there another way at all because so far i have been charged wuth 5 breaches and spent 3 nights in jail just...
  4. A

    Separated from wife >3yrs & she left the country

    hey there, My dads been separated from my mum now for over 3years, tbh i think its almost 4yrs. He's been with a new partner, even moved states to live with her, a year ago. and still my mum refuses to let him finalise their divorce because she wants to control his life. She's a class A...
  5. C

    NSW court orders

    we have had our grandson for over 2 years. His father is in jail. His mother wants to take him to Qld. There was a federal court order to say he wasnt able to be taken out of NSW Does that change now his father is in jail
  6. J

    WA Fiancé is getting extorted

    So I fiancés exes Mother contacted him last year when she found out he was in a frail state of mind and has started demanding money. She is stating that he owes her daughter $10,000 for a holiday. However he paid for one holiday himself, and they essentially split the cost of another. In no way...
  7. C

    QLD Child Support & Income changes

    hello all my partner has recently convinced child support that she is earning less money even though she has told me she is working more than ever in previous conversations. She is casual, so gets paid for the hours she works. I feel that is lying about this to child support - or worked out...