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Garnishment is a legal process for collecting a monetary judgment on behalf of a plaintiff from a defendant. Garnishment allows the plaintiff (the "garnishor") to take the money or property of the debtor from the person or institution that holds that property (the "garnishee"). A similar legal mechanism called execution allows the seizure of money or property held directly by the debtor.
Some jurisdictions may allow for garnishment by a tax agency without the need to first obtain a judgment or other court order.

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  1. A

    NSW Enforcement -> Garnishee order for debts or writ of property?

    The NCAT issued an order for my owners corporation to refund me money. It hasn't complied and I've since registered the amount with the local court for enforcement. I'm not clear on what would be the best next step. It seems a garnishee order would be the most appropriate? The owners...
  2. M

    ATO Garnishee notice

    Below is a question I raised in February 2019 Hi, My wife's mother passed away in January 2017. My wife received an inheritance after probate in July 2017. She used those funds towards a deposit and costs to buy a house in August 2017 that we live in. On the title documents our conveyancing...
  3. zi65

    TAS CSA garnishee order to bank account

    On checking my bank balance, noticed a large sum of money was take out of my savings account, the details were"Garnishee CSA". Questions 1. should I have been notified prior to the attachment order? 2. CSA is acting on behalf of a British ex-spouse/non-resident /not Au citizen, with Adult...
  4. J

    Attending court after garnishee order

    So it's kind of a long story, but I didn't update my address with Services NSW. I was overseas on holiday, but a family member borrowed my car (without asking) and was caught by a speeding camera. The car was not registered (it was in a garage and off the road). There were three separate fines...
  5. T

    VIC Ex Owes Me Child Support - Help with Child Support Agency?

    Ok. First-time poster. My ex-husband owes 100k in child support. I have received maybe 2 grand in 11 yrs. I regularly ring Child Support Agency to see what’s happening and always the same answer. We can’t get any payments, cannot find a source of income. He is a qualified boilermaker working in...
  6. H

    NSW CSA debt successfully garnishing superannuation?

    Hello, Would anyone have any advise on attempting to take ones superannuation as an “asset” for unpaid CSA debt? Especially in a case were they pay $35 per fortnight as of recently which stops CSA taking assets. However this is on top of the fact CSA have never found anything in his name, his...
  7. M

    Garnishee x 2 - any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi there, So first I know I let this happen but telling myself I will sort it out "tomorrow". Not too long ago I was on a full Disability support pension, I went back to work voluntarily and without anyone from Centrelink telling me I had to do so. I went back to the workforce and eventually...
  8. M

    QLD ATO Issuing a Garnishee Notice

    I was operating a business as a sole trader for the past 5 years. The business closed last November at the end of the lease period. I have been contacted by the ATO for an audit due to BAS returns not being lodged. I will have a tax debt that I will not be able to pay. I am concerned that when I...
  9. D

    NSW Credit Corp Questionable Conduct - What to Do?

    Hi all, In desperate need of help please. Credit corporation took out a garnishee order which I questioned. They only provided a Deed of Assignment. They advised that they had followed all legal requirements and that the debt related to a bank loan I took out back in the 80's. When...
  10. H

    NSW Garnishee Order Implications

    Hi, I had to leave Australia in 2017 due to health reasons. I'm a permenant resident. Recently I saw a debit of 137 AUD against my bank account for a garnishee Order. But I did not receive any emails from NSW revenue before the order was enforced, so I wasn't aware of the same(I tried finding...