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  1. L

    VIC Form 80 - q36 - had any outstanding debts ?

    Hi Guys, I am on a TR visa in Aus and am filling form-80 for my PR application. For question 36, in the last part, there is a question which needs to be answered in yes or no. The question is: "had any outstanding debts to the Australian Government or any public authority in Australia...
  2. F.Bowen

    QLD Any High Court Rules Regarding Debt Settlement?

    Hi, Could anyone please direct me to where I can find specific rules regarding legal procedures for debt settlements? Possibly involving the wording incorporeal property?
  3. J

    QLD Debts to continue after bankruptcy

    So in 2017, I went bankrupt by my choice for an amount of $60k roughly and recently I did a credit check on myself for pure interest and discovered that two of my creditors have defaulted me. The two creditors who have defaulted me were included with the rest of the other creditors when I went...
  4. A

    WA Bankruptcy and a Property Seizure and Sale Order?

    Hello, I have a tricky situation. Recently I was terminated from my employment. Not long after this, my wife became ill and the debts kept growing. Add to this, I had my only car seized by the sheriff's office. I was in the middle of becoming bankrupt due to the overwhelming debt. The debt...
  5. P

    VIC Property Settlement Issues - What to Do?

    Hi all, here's my situation. Husband, deponent: We were married for 25 years. On Sept 2016, we split (I moved out, wife and 2 kids stayed). 2 kids are both healthy 21 years old and 17 year old. House value is $1,200,000 (owed $380K) with shared liability. Factory value is $650,000 (owed...
  6. M

    WA Separation - Ex Won't Give Info for Financial Agreement?

    Hi everyone. Son is going through ugly separation / divorce. He has sent an email to her requesting information to fill in the agreement. All he got back was I don't agree and won't give him any information. i.e. bank details. What does he do now? They were only married for a year. Bad choice...
  7. C

    NSW Executor of Will has Conflict of Interest?

    My mum died in January. We couldn’t find a will. My brother “found” a will naming him as executor of will and got probate. We all have doubts about the validity of the will, but as the will divided all my mums’ property equally between her six children we decided not to contest it as it was what...
  8. OptionalSettings

    NSW Ex Dissipated Asset Pool - Property Settlement Options?

    My ex and I are separated one year and trying to reach a financial and property settlement via consent orders. When we separated my ex raided our joint savings account taking a significant five figure amount. Since then they have spent one third of the savings and run up debts of nearly $10k...
  9. R

    ACT Declaring Bankruptcy - How will Trustee Question Me?

    H, I am thinking of declaring bankruptcy due to unpaid debts whoch occured 3 years ago. I lost all my money in overseas and in gambling and traveling and being irresponsible.. I would like to know how trustee can question me about my last. Thanks
  10. R

    QLD Disposable of Deceased Brothers Items Debts

    My Brother passed away recently without a Will He had very little of value apart from a few pieces of furniture and personal items plus a motor vehicle. He had a Debt to a Bank of approximately $13K He was renting an apartment and we have taken all his belongings to storage. We figure we...