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The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire is a British order of chivalry, rewarding contributions to the arts and sciences, work with charitable and welfare organisations,
and public service outside the civil service. It was established on 4 June 1917 by King George V and comprises five classes across both civil and military divisions, the most senior two of which make the recipient either a knight if male or dame if female. There is also the related British Empire Medal, whose recipients are affiliated with, but not members of the order.
Recommendations for appointments to the Order of the British Empire were originally made on the nomination of the United Kingdom, the self-governing Dominions of the Empire (later Commonwealth) and the Viceroy of India. Nominations continue today from Commonwealth countries that participate in recommending British (Imperial) honours. Most Commonwealth countries ceased recommendations for appointments to the Order of the British Empire when they created their own honours.

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  1. R

    Supreme Court Order, what can I do?

    The Supreme Court has ordered documents be submitted to them. The party being ordered is not complying, they have not updated their address so not getting the orders. Does the court track down this person, perhaps using the sheriff?
  2. R

    WA Supreme court order process

    The executor has had the grant of probate revoked and has been ordered to surrender their copy of the grant to the Supreme Court. Along with all documents and an affidavit outlining their administration. It seems the executor may not have updated their address and the executor is not receiving...
  3. T

    VIC Leap report and intervention order

    If a lawyer subpoenaed Victoria police for a leap report, will an intervention order older than 10 years show up???
  4. J

    Recovery Order?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if you can help. I have just got home from meeting my partner's ex to collect my step son for week about changeover. When I got to the meeting point the mother refused to look at me and made the child (7 years) say he didn't want to come home with me. By made, the child...
  5. B

    VIC NSW Court Order

    I hold a Vic driver's licence & was charged in NSW with Mid Range Frink Driving. Went to Court I NSW & the Magistrate ordered a 6 month Licence disqualification & also ordered an Exemtion from having an Alcohol Interlock Device fitted, due to Hardship. Now Vic Roafs is saying I must have an...
  6. B

    VIC NSW Court Order

    I am asking this question on behalf of a close relative who holds a Victorian Drivers Licence. On 26th January 2021 he was charged with mid range drink driving in NSW. He went to court on 17th Feb 2021 and the Magistrate ordered a 6 month Licence suspension from 26th Jan 2021 & also imposed a...
  7. N

    VIC Personal safety intervention order

    I was wondering if some-one could shed light on an aspect of personal safety intervention orders. My neighbour has had an interim order served on him for a person alleging 'he is known to be violent and bad tempered' - but no specific behaviour is alleged. On Sunday 2 May, I saw the applicant...
  8. K

    WA How to make the commonwealth information order?

    Hello, I'm an immigrant. I'm not good at English, but I can't trust a lawyer who tries to keep the case long to making money, so I'm working on a court case by myself. (The lawyer is the reason why my work is so messed up. The case would have been closed two years ago if it had been done...
  9. J

    VIC Property settlement and primary carer considerations with abusive husband. DHHS/ family violence intervention order

    I have a Family Violence Intervention Order against me at present, which means I can’t see my children, who are living with their father, from whom I am separated ( not divorced as it hasn’t been twelve months). In regards to property settlement, what is the likelihood of the court giving my...
  10. G

    Consent Order (form 11) questions (WA)

    Long story short - my wife and I are going our separate ways. Thankfully, everything is amicable and friendly and we are in the process of completing the consent order (form 11) to divide everything up. We have agreed that everything will be split 50/50. I will refinance the house and she will...