VIC Incorrect information listed under charges on summons

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5 May 2020

I was intercepted by police on 30/10/19 in burnley for high speed on the monash fwy on my motorbike which had a bald tyre.

I received summons to go to court for 3 charges. dangerous driving, unregistered and unroadworthy.

Both the dangerous driving and unregistered charge both state in the box underneath each charge is for 5/5/2018 on a road next to st kilda beach in elwood. the unroadworthy charge is the only one correct in saying burnley on the 3010/19.

Theres no listing of information in the preliminary brief about elwood. plus i can prove i was at work most of the day at footscray and at night in country victoria. plus my bike has always been registered.
Hes provided the testing certificate for the radar gun (completed august 2019) which wouldnt cover this supposed "speeding in elwood".

The police officer signed the summons paperwork saying its true, wouldnt he technically be lying by saying hes met me prior to 30/10/19.

Is there any way of those charges being dropped due to incorrect information?

Thank you in advance for your advice.