NSW Death / home ownership and adult children

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17 December 2015
Hi. I'm asking this on behalf of my mother.
30 years ago my parents bought a home my mother provided the deposit but for whatever reason only his name is on the deed. (there is a small amount still owing on the house)

They have been married for 25 yrs now. My mums husband has a child from a previous relationship that is now adult.

If the husband passes (they are getting older now) can his daughter come in take the home? Does she stand a good chance to take a good share of it.

Financially putting my mother on the title isn't something they can do. He does have a will however my mother has never seen it.

My mother is very fearful that if he were to pass she would be left with nothing and the daughter would walk away with everything as everything is in her husbands name and not hers.

Thanks for any advise you can share.