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Death is the permanent cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. Phenomena which commonly bring about death include aging, predation, malnutrition, disease, suicide, homicide, starvation, dehydration, and accidents or major trauma resulting in terminal injury. In most cases, bodies of living organisms begin to decompose shortly after death.Death – particularly the death of humans – has commonly been considered a sad or unpleasant occasion, due to the affection for the being that has died and the termination of social and familial bonds with the deceased. Other concerns include fear of death, necrophobia, anxiety, sorrow, grief, emotional pain, depression, sympathy, compassion, solitude, or saudade. Many cultures and religions have the idea of an afterlife, and also hold the idea of reward or judgement and punishment for past sin.

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  1. Skateboard

    Family not informed of death.

    My mother in law passed away in a nursing home, while she was there she was visited by my wife. She passed away and was cremated 6 days later. My brother who had power of attorney didn’t tell other family members that she died and family members only found out later when they went to the...
  2. U

    Does a Verbal Agreement over Land use terminate at death of one party?

    Hi, I hope someone can assist with this! I bought a property in late 2019. I had the boundary surveyed in May, 2020, at my expense, as my side neighbours kept driving on part of my land to access their back yard. There was no fencing between the two properties. They have refused to talk to...
  3. B

    QLD Death certificate has an error about deceased children. 2 are living 1 is deceased.

    My husbands Qld death certificate is incorrect. 2 children living. 1 deceased
  4. R

    VIC Online death threats - What to do?

    I was playing an online game and a person said "you have 24 hours to count your last breath". Before this, that person had told me what my IP address was. I am concerned that this might get dangerous and wanted to see what my options are. I took screen shots of the chat. Shall I contact AFP with...
  5. M

    VIC If someone tries to kill me, is it against the law if I practice self-defense?

    The title kind of speaks for itself. If the above statement is true, what happens then if I could not outrun the killer? Should I just kill myself then and be done with it because if somehow I managed to survive, the law would confine me to prison anyway or suspended sentence?
  6. K

    Change of a trustee due to death triggers tax assessment for US stocks held in fund via 706-NA form.

    My wife and i have been trustees of our superfund since 2013. The fund is not complex and assets are spread across a cash account, term deposit, Aust stocks and US stocks. My wife passed away in May 2020 and my son was then installed as the second trustee. My wife's assets were transferred to...
  7. running-for-pres

    VIC Binding nominations on Trust after death

    Hi, My mother had a personal superannuation trust (SMSF) with binding nominations on the death benefits. The trust deed complied with regulation 6.17a of the SISR meaning the binding nominations expire after 3 years and need to be redone. The binding nominations themselves had no expiry, but...
  8. D

    VIC Claims after Divorce and death

    Hi In Vic- My query I cant seem to clarify is, if a couple are divorced one month before death, no consent orders settlement in place, is it possible that the surviving ex wife can claim against a pension annuity? My understanding is that the family law matter may not continue, but a claim...
  9. A

    QLD Email death threats from employer

    I have endured 7yrs of sexual harassement and abuse, including sexual assault and indecent exposure from boss. He has emailed me a few viscous death threats on business letterhead if i caused him any trouble he would hunt me forever and end my life, and another things will go bad for me and he...
  10. N

    WA Life insurance proceeds to nominated beneficiaries

    If a parent nominates their life insurance to go to a child (assume adult child), would they need to stipulate what the life insurance proceeds is to be used for? For example - Father nominates an adult child (whom is a dependent still living at home) as the beneficiary of the life insurance...