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Inheritance is the practice of passing on private property, titles, debts, rights, and obligations upon the death of an individual. The rules of inheritance differ among societies and have changed over time.

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  1. R

    VIC Splitting inheritance - Sell both properties?

    Hi all, Definitely ending the relationship after about 30 years and 4 kids, one still 16. Already separated under same roof for 2 years, one year ago she moved out to a spare bedroom. All these 30 years, never called her names, touched her in anyway inappropriate or whatever. Since we decided...
  2. hoppy

    csa debt and inheritance.

    Hi , my daughters child support was cancelled over 4 years ago due to her being over 18 , i know 4 years ago i had some arrears but haven't heard anything about it , im about to get an inheritance , will this debt be chased up or is it written off....Any help appreciated thanks.
  3. K

    QLD Separation inheritance

    My husband and I entered into our marriage 15 years ago. We agree that my husband entered the marriage with separate property, which was given to him as an inheritance before our marriage. Now that we are discussing separation and have agreed to divide our accumulated assets equally excluding...
  4. R

    Re: inheritance of American 401k (superannuation)

    Hello, I am not sure if this place is the right place to ask my question, however I greatly appreciate any advice. My husband worked for an American company , and passed away last year. Before he retired in2018, I signed as a beneficiary of his 401k(a pension scheme) and our daughter as a...
  5. L

    Inheritance and International Law

    Hi, I was hoping to get some information if someone can help me: Scenario: Person A permanently relocates to Australia from overseas. Person A is married to an Australian and they have a child in Australia. Person A had two children from a previous relationship who remain in Person A's native...
  6. PixelPaul

    fathers inheritance effecting centerlink benefits?

    I am looking to get some advice, if you anyone is able to assist.. My Father is about to inherit some money, and a percentage of a property. He is currently on Centerlink benefits. I am trying to find out on Services Australia if the property inheritance will effect his benefits, but they don’t...
  7. E

    How does an inheritance affect a disability pension?

    Hi! My nephew (who is on a disability pension) may be receiving a lump sum via an inheritance. From $50-100k. He currently has a mortgage & that money will go directly to help paying it off. Can he still legally collect his pension, or must he live off this inheritance? He only has the one...
  8. I

    NSW Brother wants to disclaim inheritance but doesn't want to sign anything

    Hi everyone, My mother has passed away and left my brother and I as the residual beneficiaries of the estate - 50/50. The will also says that if my brother has died, but has children, my brother's children (mum's grandchildren) will inherit his share equally. My mother chose me to be the...
  9. B

    QLD Inheritance in bankruptcy once removed

    My husband is currently a bankrupt. His mother changed her will prior to him becoming bankrupt, disinheriting him in favour of his son (her grandson, my stepson). My mother in law has since died and my stepson is due to inherit. If he transfers any money to me (not my husband) could that be...
  10. A

    QLD Disclaiming inheritance in name of underage child

    My son and his underage dotter need to disclaim/reject inheritance in Poland - it is only debt. The Polish law requires a statement from both parents disclaiming inheritance in the name of underage child. In Poland, such statement requires Family court certification, but if a child lives...