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  1. B

    NSW Selling inheritance home

    I am one of 3 executors/beneficiaries of my dad home. We all agreed that house will be sold by auction. The house did not achieve the reserved price of 1.95M but 1.86M. In the current climate it is a fair price for the house. Now 2 out of the 3 executors/beneficiaries refuse to discuss or...
  2. F

    QLD Inheritance Money

    I have been given some money from my late mother in the uk i need to get this paid into my brokers account so i can exchange it into aus dollars.This account is not in my name and the Solicitor has said that she will not pay it into that account because of money laundering .Seems strange as she...
  3. AmericanNeedsHelp

    QLD Inheritance questions... Is my mother being scammed?

    Hi all, I am an american who needs some help!! I need help figuring out if my mother is being scammed or if this has any legitimacy to it.... Back story: She has been involved with a man she met on a dating app, and has only talked to him over the phone. He claims he is originally from...
  4. J

    VIC Rights to a property

    Partners father died and left all worldly goods to her and her sister in a will. Including a property. The will specifically states that the mother is to have no rights to anything. Mother and father have long been separated (around 12 years) mother lives with her current partner and left the...
  5. M

    QLD Does Ex De Facto Partner Have Rights to Share My House?

    Hi all, I need some help on where to turn next or what to do. I am not sure if I was in a de facto relationship at the end, but we were earlier on in the relationship. Myself and partner - English and Korean (now both Australian Citizens and she came in on my de facto visa - but we broke up...
  6. BWeekes

    Can I legally prevent myself from accessing my partners inheritance?

    My partner believes that they will lose their grandmother this year. She was raised by her Grandmother from 12 - 21 as her mother is deceased. Her brother has lived his entire life there and resides there still. He is in his early teens. My partner has been informed that she will be left out of...
  7. BWeekes

    Can uncle take house of grandchild after grandparent guardians death

    Hello. This is a question regarding estate and wills in Tasmania. My partner and her younger brother, who is a minor, were raised by her grandmother. She moved out three years ago to care for her unwell mother, who passed away shortly afterwards. Her brother still lives with her grandmother...
  8. C

    WA Negotiating with Bankruptcy Trustees?

    I am half way through a personal bankruptcy that resulted from my company going into liquidation. I worked really hard for over three decades. My dad has passed and potentially left me around $300,000. In the will which was made over 10 years ago when we were estranged, he has included a...
  9. G

    NSW Asset division split, inheritance, free rental, future needs

    Hi everyone, my heart goes out to all those on the forum. Good luck. Anyways , need some help regarding Asset division split, inheritance, free rental, future needs. Married 1999, 2 kids, now 17yo and 15yo, separated late 2016, mediation in 3 weeks time. I am an engineer working in...
  10. P

    Transfer inheritance from overseas

    My husband never worked in Australia, he worked overseas and own properties overseas. He died overseas and left his estate to me and our only son who is under 18 years old, living in Australia. What is the tax implication if I were to transfer all money from the sale of his estate and his life...