VIC Concerns about childrens welfare

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21 July 2018
I am concerned about the emotional and psychological welfare of my husbands 5 children.
The 3 oldest have been diagnosed with Autism. When they are with us we spend time helping them with homework and reading as they struggle with this at school. This has not been easy as they seem to be completely disengaged from their learning. The children have informed us that they are "dumb", will never have a job and don't need to learn because they have a disability. The children have told us this is what their mother tells them.
Is this considered emotional or psychological abuse as in my opinion they are been put down and not been provided with support and assistance to grow?
My concern is that they believe that they are not smart and that they will never get smarter.
If it is considered abuse how do we prove this?
Any advice would be most appreciated


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27 May 2014
Do you want a change in parenting arrangements, more in your husband's favour?

If the answer is no, then there is not much you can do. The mother is a poor mother with her attitude but the level of abuse is low level compared to other matters DHHS have to deal with on a regular basis.


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16 January 2018
If the dad has access I’d go to the schools and meet with the schools.

Book an appointment, ask for head of learning support and teachers to be in attendance.

Always take a second person as schools listen more when there’s someone taking notes and send copy of the notes after to the school as minutes.

Other kids could be saying it to them, they could feel it within themselves especially if high functioning (or Aspergers).
Other options: a really good educational psychological assessment- WISC AND WIATT - costs a bucket but boy do they give insight with evidence.

A good Autism or educational psychologist ongoing treatment for asd related emotional issues.

What you describe is not uncommon with HF asd kids, especially older ones.

Get updated assessments and ask the schools about the supports and disability adjustments the kids are getting now.