NSW Community Being Victimised and Assaulted - What to Do?

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Mark Brickell

28 April 2015
To whom it may concern.

We are a small fishing community on the NSW coast. We have three shop, two side by side and the other a block away, a church, community library, and a Bowling Club. We have two separate parties, shop owner and leasee side by side that are causing the community a lot of stress and anguish. Some of us have private business and others such as the Bowling Club.

They have instigated home invasions which resulted in the victim being seriously injured, cracked esophagus and his bicept ripped from his bone on the arm. Had to have surgery and is now unable to work.

The attackers were two car loads of people including a ex police officer and another being one of the two shop party. Cars being keyed, other town folk being lured into ambusing altercations (assaul), by the shop owner and their son, verbal abuse outside of the shop and the Bowling Club workers, directors and the likes being maliciously targeted, not only at work but outside the premises on a personal nature, theft and the list just goes on.

All of this has being reported to the police and they are just taking there time with it all and some of the things they are just dismissing. e.g A market sign was placed within the Bowling Club grounds, and stolen by one of these associates, all on camera. Taken to the police by the Club Manager. The thief tried to say it was the shop owners sign. This was not proven.

This person was not charged with theft over a $20 sign were there words. The owner of the sign disagreed with them as this is not a one off thing and they are not looking at it as a whole matter.

One of the shop people are now partitioning within her shop to have the Bowling Club Closed down.
There are a number of other things that I have not bought to light and I could be typing this all day. I will mention a couple of things though.

One of the shop people holds a liquor license and is behaving in this manner. She also pays cash to her workers and they do not hold Responsible Service of Alcohol Licenses. She also sell Aldi products at an up-market price, which has been reported to Aldi. Her son and I believe her herself drink constantly on sight.

The other shop owner has a Health Shop, has food that she cooks herself with no Food Standard/Safety Certificates and the likes. One of these parties applied for licencee of the bowling club a few years ago and did not succeed and the other was recently on the board of directors until she was barred for unruly behaviour and allowed back in March 2017.

Hopefully she will be denied as one of the workers and a director have applied for AVO's through the courts.

We as a community are fed up with this vigilante behaviour and are not sure as to where we go from here. We are not feeling safe and the police dont seem to be giving a damn for our safety. We have thought on the lines of contacting the police commissioner, however, this is a long process and only to investigate the police themselves and not what our problems are that lie within the community.

What or where do we go from here?

Victoria S

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
Are the individual assaults, home invasions, etc being prosecuted and investigated by police where possible?

If the local police will not get involved in this situation or are turning a bind eye, I am afraid any legal avenues further up the line such as contacting the police commissioner will be time consuming and require a lot of input and persistence from you.

You could see if 60 minutes wants to throw it open and expose what is happening as well as the lack of police involvement and hopefully shame them into taking some action. I know some would disagree with this avenue but desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures.


LawTap Verified
27 May 2014
Good idea. And possibly the local community newspaper. See if the police can be embarrassed into doing their job.

Generally the courts will not interfere in situations like this. Though private prosecutions are possible and could also embarrass the police into doing their job.