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Woolworths (colloquially "Woolies") is an Australian chain of supermarkets and grocery stores owned by Woolworths Group. Founded in 1924, Woolworths along with Coles forms a near-duopoly of Australian supermarkets, accounting for about 80% of the Australian market.Woolworths specialises in groceries (vegetables, fruit, meat, packaged foods, etc.), but also sells magazines, DVDs, health and beauty products, household products, pet and baby supplies, and stationery. As of August 2019, there were 981 Woolworths supermarkets and 43 Woolworths Metro convenience stores. Woolworths Online (formerly HomeShop) is a "click and collect" and home delivery service for Woolworths supermarkets.

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  1. P

    SA Myself and my wife was caught for shoplifting @ Woolworths in South Australia for items worth 370 AUD on 20/Aug/2022.

    Myself and my wife was caught for shoplifting @ Woolworths in South Australia for items worth 370 AUD on 20/Aug/2022. At the billing counter we were asked about the bag in the trolly, and I had mentioned it was not from Woolworths. We were frisked after the exit by the Stores Manager and took us...
  2. Tigerlady468

    NSW Accused of shoplifting at Coles

    Hi everyone, sorry if this is a long post, I just wanted to get some advice. I frequent this Coles every morning to do my shopping for work and dinner and whatnot, it is in the same building as my job. I usually come in with a large bag and another smaller cloth bag as well that I put my...
  3. S

    NSW Caught Stealing at Woolworths - Help?

    Hey, my friend and I ( I'm 17 and she is 19) were caught stealing today. It wasn't much, valued at $30 combined. Anyways, the loss prevention people told us to go to the back room and got my licence and wrote down my details as with my friend as well, however when we had to sign I didn't and...
  4. V

    NSW Caught shoplifting at Coles 2 fines

    Hi all, I was caught shoplifting at Coles earlier worth $18. Once I left the store, a shop assistant asked me to come with him to the back office. There I was questioned by a police and issued a fine of $300 (he gave me a fine ticket just like a speeding fine ticket on the spot). But on top of...
  5. J

    QLD Shoplifting/Theft - Processes when no Police involved onsite

    Hi all, Context as below (noting I was 100% compliant at all times): I shoplifted ~$90, exited Coles and was stopped around the corner by 3 people in plain clothing who identified themselves as Coles Security (I think. I was too shocked to listen carefully). No badges were flashed (to my...
  6. D

    NSW Caught Shoplifting - Will This be on My Criminal Record?

    Hey, My mate and I got caught shoplifting $4 worth of chicken fingers from Woolworths. They didn't call the police and all they did was give us a 3-month ban from every Woolworths. They also didn't give me a fine. They will be sending a letter home but I was wondering if this will go on my...
  7. A

    NSW Commercial Law - Is Selling Transformed Ice Cream from Woolworths Illegal?

    Hi, I am thinking of selling ice cream this summer, but due to lack of equipment and capital. I am transforming ice cream instead of making from scratch. I bought Woolworths essentials vanilla ice cream and transformed in into different flavours. By mixing chocolate syrup, I made a chocolate...
  8. Q

    QLD Unfair Dismissal from Bunnings - What to Do?

    [Moderator action - Post hidden following moderator receipt of correspondence between the parties involved in a Fair Work Commission (FWC) case. The correspondence supports a contention that the author of the post breached, among other things, their confidentiality obligations when posting to...
  9. N

    WA Accident at Woolworths - Claim Costs for Medical Expenses?

    Hello. I'm new here so I hope this all works. 3 months ago while shopping in Woolworths, I had a bad trip that damaged my body. I was at the checkout when I noticed that a bag of beans was cut open and it was easier to get a new one myself. As I was walking to the fruit and veggies, I was...
  10. BlabberBigMouth

    VIC Slipped in Woolworths. Badly injured.

    I went in to shop 3 nights ago at our local Woolworths on the 5th May 2018. Whilst turning to go down a lane ,the trolley in front of me, I slipped on excess polish I think it was. Although I managed to keep myself upright, when I slipped, my right knew bent sideways taking all my body pressure...