Choosing a University for an Overseas Semester?

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    23 October 2018
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    I am new in the forum. Please, forgive my errors.

    I am a third year Italian law student at University of Bologna, currently considering an Overseas experience in your fantastic country. I am actually wondering which university could better fit my learning plans. Criminal Law and Procedure are my fields of interest, specifically from psychological point of view ( mental disorders to the extent they can be relevant in the criminal processes, not only legally). Therefore, Psychopathology, Criminal Deviances and so on.

    My university provides for several possibility of exchange:

    -University of Adelaide

    -Australian National University

    -Mcquarie University

    -Curtin University

    -Monash Univesrsity

    -University of Melbourne

    -University of New South Wales

    -University of Sydney

    -University of Technology Sidney

    -University of Wollongong

    There are also two NZ Universities, the University of Auckland and the University of Otago.

    I am waiting for TOEFL iBT response, on the basis of which I will get the exact number of uni I will be able to apply for.

    I already looked at all the rankings, but I think it would be better to have some opinions from an internal point of view. (Best response would be to receive something like a Universities TOP 3 / 5)

    Thanks in advance

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