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Discrimination is the act of making distinctions between human beings based on the groups, classes, or other categories to which they are perceived to belong. People may discriminate on the basis of age, caste, criminal record, height, weight, physical appearance, disability, family status, gender identity, gender expression, generation, genetic characteristics, marital status, nationality, profession, color, race and ethnicity, religion, sex and sex characteristics, sexual orientation, political ideology, social class, personality, as well as other categories. Discrimination especially occurs when individuals or groups are treated "in a way which is worse than the way people are usually treated," on the basis of their actual or perceived membership in certain groups or social categories. It involves the group's initial reaction or interaction going on to influence the individual's actual behavior towards the group's leader or the group, restricting members of one group from opportunities or privileges that are available to members of another group, leading to the exclusion of the individual or entities based on illogical or irrational decision-making.Discriminatory traditions, policies, ideas, practices and laws exist in many countries and institutions in all parts of the world, including territories where discrimination is generally looked down upon. In some places, attempts such as quotas have been used to benefit those who are believed to be current or past victims of discrimination. These attempts have often been met with controversy, and have sometimes been called reverse discrimination.

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    QLD Bringing a false complaint. Any recourse?

    Hi people. I was at work one day when police came in and asked me to accompany them outside. I was taken out and advised of my rights and told they'd been made aware of a complaint against me of armed r**e of a female (I'm a male) co-worker. They told me they were going to search my work vehicle...
  2. L

    Assistance Animal Laws

    For future reference, are there any laws against interfering with assistance animals (for example, distracting a working assistance animal) for Australia or New South Wales? I have tried searching online but can only find American laws.
  3. C

    NSW Legal aid and discrimination

    I'm sorry if I'm saying any of this the wrong way. Legal Aid has a number of policies that are intended to put pressure on their clients to settle quickly in a family law matter; the financial test and required contributions are unreasonably high, there has to be mediation even in situations...
  4. J

    QLD Powers under EO Act to Dismiss A Complaint due to not substantiated

    Seeking some guidance regarding a complainant and substantiating claim of discrimination and victimisation (after submitting an email complaining of discrimination). EVENTS TO DATE: - lodged a complaint with the EO commission; - complaint was accepted, investigator assigned and was...
  5. O

    Job Application rejection. Is it about Age Discrimination?

    Hi All, I recently applied for two jobs with the same company, at two separate branches, but the same type of job, provided a covering letter and CV, and addressed the job selection criteria and position description and sent my application through on the company’s website, which by the way...
  6. B

    VIC RTOs - Discrimination/Privacy breach

    I have a couple of questions regarding a large organisation which incorporates into its operations, a RTO for the purpose of training its own people. Question one: Person with protected condition is removed from training, told they must attend medical review. Cannot participate in any way or...
  7. S


    On Boxing Day I went to Hugo boss Store in Sydney - I was greeted by a young girl very nice polite as I have purchased a Hugo boss suit I was looking to match the shoes anyhow after unsuccessful for the shoes she advised me to come back Thursday and bring the suit in to see if she can match...
  8. M

    NSW Men must wear trousers and a shirt and tie... females... meh, wear whatever

    So I started at an elite private school this year and it is managed terribly. I feel this is a simple case of discrimination and written in policy, which is not followed by female staff. What are my options, legally? Is this legal? The school policy (see below) sets the student uniform as the...
  9. B

    QLD Discrimination - rescinded employment offer

    As an 18 year old, I received an infringement notice for possession of an illegal drug on two occasions (1 x ecstasy and the other 1 x joint). I've undertaken work with mental health practitioners to reform. I've worked (in a paid and voluntary capacity) with a diverse range of children and...
  10. K

    SA Unfair treatment for leaves

    Hi all, A bit of a long post, but required to provide you with context: A few weeks ago, I approached my manager to request for 3 months unpaid leave to complete a few courses(not related to my job role). My manager reviewed the company leave policy, spoke to higher level management and our...