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    VIC RTOs - Discrimination/Privacy breach

    I have a couple of questions regarding a large organisation which incorporates into its operations, a RTO for the purpose of training its own people. Question one: Person with protected condition is removed from training, told they must attend medical review. Cannot participate in any way or...
  2. S


    On Boxing Day I went to Hugo boss Store in Sydney - I was greeted by a young girl very nice polite as I have purchased a Hugo boss suit I was looking to match the shoes anyhow after unsuccessful for the shoes she advised me to come back Thursday and bring the suit in to see if she can match...
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    NSW Men must wear trousers and a shirt and tie... females... meh, wear whatever

    So I started at an elite private school this year and it is managed terribly. I feel this is a simple case of discrimination and written in policy, which is not followed by female staff. What are my options, legally? Is this legal? The school policy (see below) sets the student uniform as the...
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    QLD Discrimination - rescinded employment offer

    As an 18 year old, I received an infringement notice for possession of an illegal drug on two occasions (1 x ecstasy and the other 1 x joint). I've undertaken work with mental health practitioners to reform. I've worked (in a paid and voluntary capacity) with a diverse range of children and...
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    SA Unfair treatment for leaves

    Hi all, A bit of a long post, but required to provide you with context: A few weeks ago, I approached my manager to request for 3 months unpaid leave to complete a few courses(not related to my job role). My manager reviewed the company leave policy, spoke to higher level management and our...
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    VIC Non work related injury - employer refused to offer light duties

    A friend of mine (airport baggage handler) broke his hand playing football. He wants to come back to work but the employer has refused him to return on light duties because he was injured outside of work. They say the process is to use all of his personal leave, followed by all of his annual...
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    VIC Amended statement of claim for discrimination at workplace

    Hello. In December 2018 my solicitor filed and served the original Statement of Claim (SOC) with SD Act and FW Act contraventions. After Directions Hearing in April 2019, the court directed to amend the SOC with accessorial liabilities and constructive dismissal. In May 2019 my solicitor filed...
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    VIC Discrimination suit filed at FCC

    Hello. I am in process of evidence submission. Need to clarify the difference between the below 2 statements: 1. Submit evidences and expert witness report by 1 July 2019 2. Submit evidences including any expert witness report by 1 July 2019 Will highly appreciate the clarification between the...
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    WA Too Old to Get Placement at Family Law Firm?

    Hi - I partially completed a law degree in WA (at UWA) six years ago. I will be 46 in March and if I resumed my degree I'd be at least 48 by the time I finished my actual studies. Nonetheless, I'm interested in resuming my law degree but I wonder, is there any point, as I doubt I'd readily get...
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    VIC Have a fair work case coming up for unfair dismissal, bullying, discrimination, threatned by boss

    fairwork case coming up Unfair dismissal - not a single written warning Threatning phone calls Bullying Discrimination Pay issues every week after injury that will now be with me for life Negligence to medicle information provided Forced out of job Psych injuries What compensation is the...