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    NSW Non-consenting Roster Change

    Hi. My wife works in a nursing home and recently the management have changed the rostering system. Previously staff were allocated (when first employed) or offered a section in which to work (This might be dementia, extra care, high care or general care). They could at any time request a...
  2. A

    NSW Defamation from from University Head - What to Do?

    This involves NSW Work Health and Safety Legislation -- or rather the misuse of it. I was a graduate student studying at the University of New South Wales when I lost my supervisor. The head of my school didn’t like me, and consequently told potential supervisors and others that I could not...
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    SA Workplace Bullying and Harassment - What to Do?

    Hi There, I am currently exposed to a difficult situation at work where my manager has sworn, victimised myself, a team leader, and two others who are apprentices (workplace bullying). As such for my own mental health, I have taken leave and Workcover have been provided with a written statement...
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    QLD RTO Taking on Governing Body for Loss of Business?

    Hi, unsure what thread group this goes in so feel free to move it. I am currently employed at a training company in Queensland. Now the governing body is the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) which is responsible for making sure all RTO's (Registered Training Organisations) are up to...
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    Workplace Bullying and Harassment - What Are My Rights?

    Hi. This week my supervisor came up behind me and hit me so hard on the ass with a container that it left a red welt. He then told me to 'smile'. I was planning on finishing my shift and telling the boss's wife (who was on that night) after the end of shift. Before I had a chance to finish my...
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    Suspended from Work - Alleged Breach of Safety & Bullying

    I have been suspended from work on full pay for the past week . I am being investigated for breach of workplace health and safety and workplace bullying. No one at my work place will tell me what is happening or what these incidents are about. I have been told to stay at home and not talk to...