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Travel insurance is an insurance product for covering unforeseen losses incurred while travelling, either internationally or domestically. Basic policies generally only cover emergency medical expenses while overseas, while comprehensive policies typically include coverage for trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight delays, public liability, and other expenses.

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  1. L

    QLD Credit Card Travel Insurance

    We are going to Tasmania for a driving holiday. Instead of getting travel insurance is it wise to rely solely on the complimentary insurance given by the credit card of the bank? I am wondering if someone has any experience in making claims for this type of insurance. Are they reliable and easy...
  2. A

    NSW MasterCard travel insurance

    Accident in Thailand. repatriated to Sydney. Called emergency ambulance. NSWPF arrived first called CBA/ AWP told false alarm never happened. NSW paramedics 15 mins later told NSW ambulance paramedics told to away, do not talk. examine or enter this unit they did. ..
  3. L

    QLD Travel Insurance Claim - Any Recourse?

    I am claiming costs associated with losing my passport in the US against an Australian travel insurance policy. I had to travel to a US Consulate outside of my planned itinerary to obtain an emergency passport. Since I was flying out of the US the day after minimum passport processing (2 days...
  4. P

    NSW Travel Insurance - Should I Sign the Form?

    I am a student studying long term overseas as a post doc researcher with my spouse as part of an Australian university. Before I departed, I checked in the travel insurance policy and with the university and broker and was confirmed we were both covered by the university travel policy. As we...
  5. R

    WA How to Prove Ignorance to Travel Insurance?

    In a situation where a close relative was diagnosed with a serious medical condition with a poor prognosis. As a result I had to cancel a long planned holiday that was due to depart 2 months after the relatives diagnosis. The travel insurance policy was taken out 8 months prior to departure...
  6. W

    WA Travel Insurance - What is the Definition of Unnecessary Danger?

    A friend was recently denied a travel insurance claim from a holday injury in South Africa due to an "Unnecessary Danger" clause. Does anyone know the legal definition?
  7. K

    QLD Travel Insurance - Insurance Company Disregarding Policies - What to Do?

    I applied for my Travel Insurance for Fiji at 10am February 19th 2016. My insurance company has come back and said that any policies purchased after February 17th 2016 are going to be disregarded as the cyclone was a 'mass media thing'. I had not heard of the cyclone and I have researched the...
  8. N

    QLD Travel Insurance Awarded Money by Mistake - Pay It Back?

    If a travel insurance company awarded my travel mate with 1500.00 for a claim from missing a port on a cruise, can they then turn around and say they awarded the money by mistake and now you need to pay it back? She questioned the amount a few times and they laughed at her.
  9. J Rockbelly

    VIC Travel Insurance - Legal to Send Insurance that Can't be Claimed?

    I recently had a trip to Bali cancelled due to the eruption of a volcano. I had travel insurance and claimed for the cost of flights, and accommodation. My policy included insurance against cancellation of flight due to natural disaster, and this was a large part of why I chose this policy...
  10. S

    NSW Rental Car Company Claiming Full Amount After Car Accident

    I rented a rental car while travelling in Australia in July 2013 and got into a car accident near Canberra. The rental car company is claiming accidental damages, over two years after the car accident. The next day after the accident I paid them the car insurance excess of about $1,900 at their...