Carer's Payment for school student (centrelink/social security law)

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9 May 2022
Hello.. I am on disability pension and a single mother of an 18 year old son in year 12 who also cares for me. He is already in receipt of Carer's allowance (so he/we passed the tests for disability etc)
He does a modified timetable because of this and passes the 25 hour rule. ie- he isn't away from home for study or work for more than 25 hours a week. I still recive partial Family Tax Benefit for him as he is still at secondary school until Oct/Nov this year. Then he is going to Adelaide Uni.
The question is, can he qualify for Carer's Payment which is about $900 ish a fortnight. He is unable to work part time due to his role as a carer (and school) I had to finish my job as a nurse a year ago due to worsening health. He is still technically a school student, albeit about 20 hours a week attendance.
Any info would be greatly appreciated. We have a application in but the wait is long due to staffing. We have asked 2 different times (a centrelink employee) and we got contradictory answers... nothing definitive.. they really didn't know. :) This payment would allow us to keep our mortgage and not be in such financial hardship. Thanks