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Grandparent visitation is a legal right that grandparents in some jurisdictions may have to have court-ordered contact (or visitation) with their grandchildren.

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  1. T

    WA Forms 4 Grandparent access in a case already b4 court

    Hi I'm trying to help the maternal grandparent to get access to a child where the case is already before the family court. I wanted to know which forms were needed to apply for access? I thought it was just an A2 application in a case together with a case affidavit? Is that correct? Any help...
  2. H

    NSW Do We Have Any Grandparents Rights?

    Hi, I have just joined this forum hoping you can help me. My daughter is keeping our two grandchildren from us. We haven't seen them in over 7 months now and we don't know why. We have asked through text and don't receive an answer. I would like to know if grandparents actually have any...
  3. L

    QLD Appointing Legal guardians from Overseas

    Hi, I have been married for 9 years and we have a 5 month old baby. Me and my husband has decided to make a Will soon- main reason is to appoint a legal guardian/s for our daughter just in case (e.g. we both pass away) I am an Australian Citizen but I was raised and born in the Philippines. We...
  4. B

    QLD Grandparents Rights?

    Hi, Our son recently passed away. He has a 3 year old son with his former partner. His partner has not allowed us to see our grandson (despite numerous promises and requests). We found out today that her parents are actually trying to gain custody by claiming she is an unfit mother. They...
  5. S

    NSW Parents in Law taking us to Court for Visitation

    My wife has essentially been estranged from her parents for the past 2-3 years after we both had a huge disagreement with them that left us $30k in debt. The MIL has a history of substance abuse, depression and has attempted suicide in front of my wife when she lived at home with them (prior to...
  6. X

    NSW Grandparents Rights of Non-resident Grandparents?

    Hello, My wife has just received a letter from the Family Relationship Advice Line ("An Australian Government Initiative") informing her that her France-based mother (French citizen) wanted to start a Family Dispute Resolution (under the Family Law Act 1975) to see her 2 grandchildren (5 and...
  7. Gwyneth

    WA Unsigned Verbal Shared Parenting Plan and Grandparents Rights

    Hi, my son in law (J) and daughter (R) have been separated for 4 years. They have a 4 1/2-year-old son (M). My daughter has moved 8 times with the recent move 100kms away from her husband (they r still married) with their son. She engages in both female and male partner relationships not...
  8. C

    grandparents rights, when contact has been cut off without reason

    my daughter has cut off all contact with me and has cut off all contact with my grandchildren since 2015. What rights do I have in regards to contact with my 2 granddaughters? Before 2015 I saw my granddaughters every week and was involved in their and my daughter's life. There has been no...
  9. S

    VIC Contact with Granddaughter - What are Our Grandparents Rights?

    My son has 50% custody of children for his daughter. He agreed to allow the Ex and his daughter to live in Victoria on conditions that he could phone his daughter each week, come over to stay with him on the school holidays, a copy of school reports, etc. His ex did not follow this and both his...
  10. R

    SA Grandparents Rights - Family Law Court to Obtain Contact with Children?

    If the child is under the Guardianship of the Minister (an order through the Youth Court of South Australia), is the Family Law Court able to hear a case as the grandmother is seeking contact with her grandchildren, and Families SA are making decisions to reduce and remove grandmother's contact...