VIC Assault Allegations Made by Minors - What To Do?

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25 December 2014
For 2 weeks, I have not been able to make contact or have my visits with my 6 year old daughter. On my last visitation, my daughter told me that her mother had been sexually abusing her. It was investigated and not enough evidence could be made to make any charges.

On the next Thursday, I was due to have my next visit and so went to collect my daughter. The door was answered by my daughter's half sister and her friend. I was told that the mother and my daughter were not there and so I went back to my car. I wanted to check by calling out her name so I went back and asked if I could and did so once and there was no reply. I then went home. I made no attempts to challenge my ex-partner about it knowing that it would make no difference and just thought of it as the fall out that was happening relating to the police involvement regarding my daughter's reports to police.

On Sunday, I took some clothes around to their house for my daughter and no one was home so I left the clothes on a seat near the front door and left. Coming up to my next visitation, I started to make some enquires before I was due to pick my daughter up from school. I was told my daughter had not been to school all week. I then went to their home and found the landlord there and was told they were no longer living there.

I exhausted all avenues to find out what had happened but couldn't get any information. On Christmas Eve I eventually discovered it all and I was in shock as to how it had come about and was overcome with grief to hear that the 13 year old half sister and her friend had known where the mother but refused to tell me then after I had left on the Thursday I had gone to pick up my daughter for visitation they had gone to the mother and told them of an event that they had concocted together that I haven't any details of and alleged I had entered the house and made them fearful and an unknown amount of other things that were simply not true.

The mothers took it all very seriously and social workers were involved and they were taken to a safe house and I am forced to wait unsure of how far this will get and very concerned about why I was never asked anything about it why police weren't involved and how it has got so far with out including it.

What impact is this going to have on my ability to see my daughter when they don't care to investigate it to find out the truth?

I currently have an application to the family court to get full care of my daughter (custody of children) and am very concerned that this will all go in there favour and give me less chance to none of winning that fight. What do I do?

Tracy B

Well-Known Member
24 December 2014
Hi Craig,

Have you managed to contact the police or the social workers to enquire as to what is going on? There must be some evidence or other circumstances (e.g. your past behaviour, your lifestyle habits) that lead to them believing the allegations. If they are shown to be false, then it should not affect your custody matter for your daughter. Hence, you need to investigate the matter, or get the police to investigate. Since these are serious allegations, I suggest speaking with a lawyer and getting them to get the wheels turning and have the allegations investigated.