NSW 457 Visa - Will Cancelling Girlfriend's Visa Affect Mine?

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Kayser soze

17 May 2018
I’m under 457 visa (main applicant), my gf (dependent) is Thai and we have been in a relationship 4 years, been in Australia 3 years, and we applied for the pr on January 2018. My gf kept asking me money for a while and told me that was for her friends to help them (total 31K$):

+ A few years ago I put 41k in her bank in Thailand.
+ She took 20k from 4 her friends.

Now I discovered slowly that all my money she used for gambling and online games, Tot 72K from me. She told me that she will give me back and I let her signed a paper written by her about all of this. I have evidence of all the money I transferred to her, messages, witness, pictures, videos, voice record, and her paper.

She lied to me many times and admitted that she took all the money. Now, I don’t want to risk my visa and I want my 72k back. She also has to give the 20k money to her friends. What am I suppose to do?

She is under my visa and only temporary resident. Should I cancel her visa, in order to not risk my visa? If so, what about my 72k?

Should I sue her? If so, what if they cancel her visa, so mine too?

If their friends go to police, am I risking my visa too, as she is under my visa?

Please help me!