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  1. HazelSmith

    QLD Applying for Partner Visa for a Third Time?

    My friend who is 59 years old begins a long distance online relationship with a 28 years old lady boy from the Philippines. They met in person once and his trans g/f stayed for a month with him on a visitor visa. On his records, he already sponsored his first wife from Fiji in 1994 and his...
  2. sathit thongthumrong

    NSW Intimidation by Australia boss in Thailand

    My Thai wife is repeatedly intimidated by an Australian boss working in Thailand. Can I file a lawsuit this Australian boss in Australia? If yes, roughly how much it is going to cost? Intimidation or Stalking - Charges, Penalties, Sentencing Thank you.
  3. S

    QLD Family Court - Wife Wants to Take Child Back to Thailand?

    Seeking help for my son who is the father of a 21/2-year-old. My son's wife is wanting to take my grandson back to her home country (Thailand) for good, stating the marriage is over. My grandson was born here, has an Australian passport. My son is not allowing him to leave the country (he has...
  4. K

    NSW 457 Visa - Will Cancelling Girlfriend's Visa Affect Mine?

    I’m under 457 visa (main applicant), my gf (dependent) is Thai and we have been in a relationship 4 years, been in Australia 3 years, and we applied for the pr on January 2018. My gf kept asking me money for a while and told me that was for her friends to help them (total 31K$): + A few years...
  5. A

    Divorce when married in Thailand

    Hi, We were married in Thailand two years ago, with all relevant processes followed in Thailand. We have been separated for a year. We are both Australian citizens, but never lived in Australia before separating. I am still overseas, she is in Perth. We want to get a divorce. Is our marriage...
  6. M

    QLD Husband leaving for Thailand - Separation and properties settlement

    My husband and I are both at fifties and we have decided to end our 7 years marriage due to the fact that he falls in love with a prostitute in Pattaya after recently holiday over there and he now wants to relocate to Thailand for living. I want to separate for a year before getting divorce as...
  7. D

    SA Custody of Children - Stopping Mother from Taking Child to Thailand?

    I am an Australian citizen, married in Thailand to my Thai spouse. We have a daughter born in Thailand but is an Australian citizen with Australian passport. I was working in China for 12 months until a construction project was completed and have now relocated my family back to Australia to live...
  8. D

    QLD Wife on Spouse Visa - Divorce Entitlements?

    My wife and I got married in Australia 1 year ago. She is from Thailand, I am from Australia. She is on a spouse visa, still has not been processed by immigration, but has applied for residents visa. I want a divorce. I own properties - is she entitled to any of my assets?
  9. L

    Immigration Status Uncertain - Australian Citizenship?

    I have a 16 year old friend, who was born in Thailand to a Thai mother, and Australian father. He was brought to Australia at the age of 2 years, by his father. His father died 3 years ago, leaving the child to the care of his Australian half siblings. The child does not have a birth certificate...
  10. H

    VIC Extradition Laws and Freezing Bank Accounts?

    I am at present in Thailand but since coming here I have heard the Police are wanting to question me regarding some indictable offences in Australia. I am not under arrest nor are there any charges against me. May I remain here indefinitely or can the Australian Police have me extradited to...