WA Effect of Separation on 457 Visa?

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17 December 2014
Hi all,
I hold a 457 visa, and my wife she is on it since last year. My employer did approved her to be added on it. I would like to know if we separate and then divorce, how deep i'm involved with her. She is qualified and works at the moment. If we are separate and she stops working, am I still supposed to cover her expenses?


Hi Stan1979,

If you separate from your spouse it is important that you inform the department of immigration of this change. What will most likely happen is, if your wife is the secondary on the Visa, she will be given about 4 weeks or so to find her own sponsor (hopefully with her employer) to stay. If she cannot find her own sponsor she will probably be required to return to her home country.
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Sarah J

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16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
I agree with Sophea, speak with the Immigration Department as soon as possible. You are obliged to inform them of any changes to circumstances that may affect your visa. If not, this could affect your continued visa eligibility.